Love Song of the Little Bear (Hardcover)


Love Song of the Little Bear (Hardcover)

From the recently discovered archives of Margaret Wise Brown, author of the children s classics Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny, comes a new and charming story of maternal love and springtime.

I’m going to get a little real in this post because this book both made me feel an immense love of my children and also an intense feeling of loss at the same time.  It’s not the fault of the book, in fact, it is a BEAUTIFUL celebration of the universal love that a mother has for her child.  It never stops, it’s powerful, and no matter if we are busy watching flowers bloom or making coffee, we want to know our kids are nearby and safe.  There are so many things in this world – bad and scary things – that can happen, but when you know that your child is happy and healthy all still somehow seems right in the world.  This is what this book is saying over and over through Momma Bear’s gentle song:

It’s a long time that I’ve love you,

Never, never go away.

What I didn’t expect was to get SO choked up when I read it that I had to take a few seconds and let out a few breaths to read the rest with Brie being none the wiser.  Sometimes emotions engulf me when things are so beautiful that I can’t help but FEEL so deeply.  I love sharing life with my girls and this book is all about Momma and baby bear frolicking in the fields and sharing special time with one another.  She is a ‘Momma Bear’ who will make sure her child knows she loves him/her and that she never wants their relationship to end.  Stay close, little one, she seems to say.  As my kids get older, I start to realize that one day I will have to let them go on their own, but they will never be far from my heart and hopefully not so physically far that I can’t see them on a regular basis.  Brooke is convinced at six she will always live with me to which I laugh and tell her to remind me of that in another 10 years.  She knows she always has a special place in our home, her room is hers, and we would never turn her away even when she is an adult.

What struck me is that the book had me thinking of a subject I haven’t in some time.  Every now and again, the miscarriage I had in my second trimester pops up unexpectedly and going through some documents yesterday, out popped an ultrasound picture of my angel baby when her heart was beating and she was healthy.  It caught me off guard, but I didn’t cry.  I just acknowledged it and moved on.  However, reading this beautiful book brought those feelings back when I had my final ultrasound where my baby was resting, no heart beat, and looked peacefully inside my womb and I knew she would not come out kicking and screaming into the world.  I felt like I had failed, that I couldn’t protect her, still in my womb and sometimes that sadness creeps up on me at the least expected time.  I’ve learned that you can accept the things that have happened in your life, but that doesn’t mean they never re-visit you from time to time.  As I kissed my beautiful little miracle toddler, the baby I had after my miscarriage and had months of internal fetal medicine appointments to bring her into the world, and told her goodnight, I repeated once again:

It’s a long time that I’ve love you,

Never, never go away.

Then, I stepped outside my door and cried a little.  Oh, how I wish it all will all come true, but the future of life is uncertain and the past has already come and gone.  All we have is our hope and love and my two beautiful girls will hopefully someday know that being a mother means you love unconditionally and that it’s very hard to let go….each step of the way…as they grow up to be independent humans you have tried to raise in the best possible way and pray each day no harm will come to them.  Don’t ever forget Momma Bear is here waiting for you, my children, and that my angel in heaven knows I’m here, too.

About Parragon Books:  Publishing for over 25 years, Parragon has aimed to exceed expectations, providing readers & retailers with high-quality, engaging content at incredible value.  Check out the Parragon Little Learners website page for more information about additional books and apps for young children.

About Margaret Wise Brown: There are not many parents who haven’t heard or read Brown’s most famous books, Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny.  However, may are surprised to learn that despite their contemporary feel they both were written by Brown in the 1940s!  Her books are one of the first examples of children’s bedtime stories and have become synonymous with children’s literature.  Amazingly, Brown’s books are still being issued as re-releases with brand new illustrations and when Ms. Brown passed away in 1952, more than 70 manuscripts were found.  Wow!

Love Song of the Little Bear (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 9.99 (Available through Amazon Prime)

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