Reviv3 Advanced Hair Care Line Now Available Direct to Consumers (Beauty for Moms)


Reviv3 Advanced Hair Care Line Now Available Direct to Consumers

Advanced Hair Care System Can Be Purchased Online for the First Time

My hair has always been a huge point of annoyance for me and I wanted that to change.  I have naturally curly and frizzy hair and my husband likes to say that when he met me when I was a teen that my hair was bigger than my body.  My hair always stood out, having a life of its own, while a large majority of my classmates had stick-straight hair that I craved.  I have done everything you can possibly do with your hair over the years; I’ve had many colors, styles, and cuts both good and bad.  My hair and I settled on a routine where I’d get regularly scheduled highlights and straighten the crap out of it with my Chi flat iron and I was starting to notice that my hair was beginning to fight back.  The constant humidity of Austin and the styling/treatments has made my locks angry!  On top of that, I am inching closer to 40 and I get the random gray hair that I will pluck out if I see it.  That’s a no-no!  Apparently, plucking out hairs can permanently damage your hair follicles and at some point I had to think about making my hair healthy instead of just giving it a vain non-gray appearance of fried straight hair.  Somehow I had to reconcile my wish for what I wanted for my hair and do what was best for it.

I learned about Reviv3 Procare from my good friend and hairstylist first.  Before her, I would go to a hair salon at will with a new stylist every time.  I now have a relationship with my hair stylist where I fully trust her in shaping and guiding me in my hair and its care.  The one thing I love about her is that while I do put highlights in my hair, I was very reluctant at first due to the chemicals involved and my stylist is very insistent on using sulfate-free with as little chemical processing as possible in the products she uses in my hair.  I noticed right away.  She knows my hair (and my old insistence on plucking out the grays!  Oops!) and steered me in the direction of this advance formula through the 3-part hair care system by Reviv3 Procare that is chemical and sulfate-free for natural and color-treated hair for fuller and thicker hair.  It is designed to heal the scalp and hair follicles and I was SO in on trying it.

My First Thoughts:  Thicker, Fuller Hair in 30 Days or Less.  Really?  Let’s test this out!

First let me back up five years to talk a little bit about Reviv3 Procare.  The reason you may have not heard about this system is because it was clinically proven and debuted in Italy and was being used and exclusively available in top salons in the US.  Fast forward to now, and Reviv3 Procare just announced this summer that their hair care products would be made available for direct purchase by consumers for the first time.  Exciting!

Why is it different?

Great question and one that I asked, too.  Reviv3 Procare is 95% natural and is formulated as skin care for the scalp. The 3-product system uses a unique and gentle formula with specialized nutrients, herbal extracts, and amino acids to promote strength and volume. Clinical studies have proven that those who used the system actually improved the PH levels of their scalp skin, which basically means that their scalps became less acidic which is optimal for hair growth and scalp health.

“Simply put, Reviv3 Procare works,” said Thomas Curzio, President of Reviv3 Procare. “You can actually feel the difference after just a few uses. It is an amazing product that anyone with damaged or thinning hair needs to try.”

Perfect.  What’s in this system?

Reviv3 Procare’s 3-part system involves three easy steps: PREP, PRIME and TREAT. It is really has simple as washing and conditioning your hair and using a special treatment spray before you start seeing the difference.  The Reviv3 Procare PREP (step 1) uses a cleanser shampoo that removes environmental residue and DHT build-up (which is the leading cause of hair loss) from the hair and scalp surface. The PRIME (step 2) is a Moisture + Conditioner which is formulated with natural glycoprotein to restore moisture, strength and elasticity to hair and scalp. The TREAT (step 3) is Reviv3 Procare’s advance Micro-Activ3 Treatment which delivers nutrients to the scalp and vital areas of hair follicles to increase microcirculation, renewed hair growth and strength. Together, Reviv3 Procare’s 3-part system safely helps to prevent hair fallout, heal the scalp and hair follicles and improves the appearance of fine and thinning hair.  The Full Size System is a 60 day supply and is designed to help heal the scalp and follicles to produce fuller, shinier, and voluminous hair.

Reviv3 Procare Full Size System:

  1. PREP Cleanser Shampoo (10.1oz)
  2. PRIME Moisture+ Conditioner  (10.1oz)
  3. TREAT Micro Activ3 Treatment Spray (5.1oz)

My Experience using the Reviv3 Procare Full Size System

I promised myself I would go the distance and try this system for the full 60 days.  As a hair product junky, I knew this would be tough, but I wouldn’t be a good reviewer if I didn’t at least TRY.  Luckily, the system made it very easy.  This is probably the first time I’ve actually read the directions on my own bottle of shampoo and conditioner and followed it to a T!  The Reviv3 cleanser shampoo should be lathered on the hair for 1 minute (why one minute?  I assume to soak in your scalp…) and then immediately rinse.  The first thing I noticed was the lovely minty-fresh smell of the cleanser.  I would use this shampoo because of it’s smell regardless of it helping my scalp!  Mmmmm.  The Moisture+Conditioner should then be evenly distributed on the scalp and hair and should be left on the hair for at least 1 minute and up to 3 before rinsing.  I’ve stuck to the 1 minute-rule for the shampoo and I keep the conditioner on for a full 3 minutes because of how often I was frying my hair.  This conditioner makes my hair very soft and gives it a nice tingly feeling when it’s on my scalp.  I assume it’s just doing what it needs to do to heal my scalp and the tingling feels nice and not painful in the slightest.  The last part of the system is using the Micro-Activ3 Treatment by spraying close to scalp skin and apply all over using your fingers or comb to distribute evenly.  I do this step after I’m out of the shower/bath because the treatment should NOT be rinsed out.  After your hair dries, you can style as normal and I did not use any other products (besides my flat iron) on my hair with the exception of one trip to my stylist to touch up my highlights.  Honestly, this was the hardest thing for me to do because I like using different hair products and gel/spray to keep my hair from having fly-aways, and while I didn’t read anything where I shouldn’t use any styling products, I didn’t want to upset my scalp during this process!

Strangely, I started to notice within the first week that when I brushed my hair, there was more hair ending up in my brush when I combed through my hair (which I’ll explain in a second) and then after learning why, I started to notice that my even less hair started to come out when I brushed just days later.  I was like, “What is happening?!?!” While I am at no risk of hair loss, I do have to clean out my brush pretty regularly as hair would come out (as it naturally does) as I brushed and I didn’t realize how much was coming out until now.  Wow!  I mean, I actually thought ‘Wow!’ when I noticed that.  The reason more hair came out when I brushed at the beginning, I learned after reading about it on the website, was because the treatment cleans and restores your hair follicles so hair that would have naturally fell out as normal could be just hanging out and waiting if the follicle was ‘clogged’ – probably by hair products.  When that was all cleared out, the follicles are stronger, cleaner, and definitely healthier.  That’s when I knew the products actually worked!  Then, I started to notice my hair felt thicker a few weeks after that and while it wasn’t a big difference, there was a difference in the volume of my hair, especially after I would flat iron it.  Instead of clinging lifelessly to my head and shoulders, my hair had ‘bounce’ to it.  The thing that struck me the most was how soft my hair had become and how my scalp wasn’t super dry like it normally was.  That was a huge deal for me.  This is something I felt within just a few days of using this system and after using it for 60, I know it’s the products and not just in my head.  I would use this system just to have soft hair and a moisturized scalp!  Impressively, this system exceeded my expectations and I do think it has made my hair/scalp stronger, softer, and healthier.

The great thing about Reviv3 Procare is that you can purchase their items individually and right now there are great deals through Amazon Prime.  Want to just try the shampoo?  Maybe just the treatment spray?  Sure, you can do that!  I’m not sure how long it will last, but the Full Size System is now over 50% off on Amazon.  That means that for just 1 dollar a day, you have a complete hair care system for two months.  I had to start figuring out just how much I was spending on my hair products to realize that is a great deal for me.  If you are experiencing hair loss, want to add volume to your hair, or just get your scalp healthy, give Reviv3 Procare a try and see what a difference it can make for you!

About Reviv3 Procare: Reviv3 Procare is committed to using only the highest quality natural ingredients available for scalp care to give its consumers fuller, thicker and more luxuriant hair growth without drugs or harsh side effects. Reviv3 Procare is a one-of-a-kind hair care line that grew out of a need for an effective, drug-free system that makes a tangible and positive difference for fine and low-volume hair. Clinically proven, Reviv3 Procare’s advanced Shielded Micro Technology formulation provides a 3-step system that effectively revives natural and color-treated hair.

Reviv3 Advanced Hair Care Line Now Available Direct to Consumers

List Price: $ 99.95 (Full Size System) (Currently on sale through for $47.00!)

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