Ring Around The Rosie (Little Learners) (Board book)


Ring Around The Rosie (Little Learners) (Board book)

Light Up This Favorite Nursery Rhyme and Join in the Cute Sounds!

As a semi-history nut, I’ve heard so many stories about the origins about “Ring a Ring o’ Roses” or “Ring Around the Rosie” before doing this review and I have to say it’s not as dark and dreary as I had thought.  First, the song was sung in its current tune in Europe around the 1790s but didn’t appear in print until 1881.  It’s considered a folk song and the urban legend I heard was that is was about the Great Plague of London, or the Black Death, as some call it, but that fact has actually been rejected.  Whew!  All this time I thought my kids’ innocent song and dance was about people dying off from disease, so that was very enlightening.  I also read about many translations of the song, but I really liked the German one that goes like this:

Ringel ringel reihen,
Wir sind der Kinder dreien,
sitzen unter’m Hollerbusch
Und machen alle Husch husch husch!

In the Parragon book “Ring Around the Rosie” it includes the lyrics that I’m familiar with, with one exception; instead of saying ‘Ashes, Ashes’, the lyrics go ‘Achoo, Achoo’.  Weird, right?  Well, not so fast!   These lyrics actually differ from country to country.  Common English lyrics dating back to 1883 include the words ‘A-tishoo! A-tishoo!’ to mimic a sneezing sound.  Interesting! This could also explain where the folklore of the song being about the Black Plague could have come up, since many with the disease had a ‘rosey’ colored appearance and posies of herbs were carried as protection and to ward off the smell of the disease. Add that to the sneezing or coughing, which so happened to be known as a final fatal symptom of the disease…so when kids “”all fall down”, well, you can connect the dots.  Perhaps there is more to the story than folklorists believe, but I chose to think it’s a fun and happy song kids can learn, sing and dance to and have a grand time.

The ‘Ring Around The Rosie’ book includes light up sound buttons featuring bright colors that makes learning basic concepts fun with this classic rhyme.  The Little Learners books always engage my toddler and each book is designed to help with babies and toddlers development.  With cute, contemporary design, memorable stories or rhymes, sturdy construction, and playful elements, Little Learners is designed to stimulate a childs curiosity about life and language. Reading with children has never been more important, more special, or more fun! Love, love, love!

About Parragon Books:  Publishing for over 25 years, Parragon has aimed to exceed expectations, providing readers & retailers with high-quality, engaging content at incredible value.  Check out the Parragon Little Learners website page for more information about additional books and apps for young children.

Ring Around The Rosie (Little Learners) (Board book)


List Price: $ 9.99 (Available through Amazon Prime)


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