TruKid New Hand Wash All Natural Podz


TruKid New Hand Wash All Natural Podz

TruKid: Experts in kids skincare. Steroid free and truly healthy eczema & personal care that helps families get out and play.

Is there a more efficient way to get children to wash their hands?  TruKid says YES!  Their already popular Bubble Pods for bath time have now been shrunken down to capsule sized podz for hand-washing on the go or even to use in your bathroom at home. The pods are used in lieu of regular soap for hand washing.  You only need one pod per hand wash.  With a dry hand, take one pod in your hand and cup your hands under the spout water from your sink for a few seconds while the film dissolves.  As it dissolves, use your hands to rub the pod and ingredients together and continue until the entire contents dissolve.  It simple, quick, and it’s a great way to take hand-washing on the go!

There are several really great reasons why I love the TruKid Hand Wash all natural podz, and here are just a few:

  1. Your child can’t overuse liquid soap!  It’s just one pod per hand wash, so no more liquid soap disasters!
  2. The entire pod and packaging is Eco-friendly.  Each component is all natural and primarily plant derived.
  3. Your child will wash for more than 20 seconds as per the CDC recommendations!  The pods take a little time to open up to let all the ingredients come out, so your child has to gently scrub their hands back and forth for the product to work.  Genius!
  4. It’s ALL good!  The pods are pediatrician and dermatologist tested and they are free of gluten, phthatlates amd parabens. 
  5. They are perfect for on the go!  Have you ever used a public restroom that has run out of soap from their dispensers?  We have.  UGH.  Kids are messy, so having a few hand wash pods in my bag has been a life saver.  We even used it once on a hike with a water bottle and a pod and it saved the day!

TruKid New Hand Wash All Natural Podz Ingredients:

  1. Pure cane sugar
  2. Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate**
  3. Corn starch
  4. Yumberry aromatic natural essential oil blend

** Their sodium lauryl sulfoacetate is derived from coconut and sustainable palm oils, so it conforms to Ecocert’s natural and organic cosmetic standard and is 100% of natural origin.

We have always loved all of TruKids products and it’s always exciting when they come out with a new product.  We were not disappointed by the TruKid New Hand Wash All Natural Podz and it’s now an essential product in my bag.  Oh, and my toddler seems to like it the most, which is great because she is usually the one who needs to wash her hands on a constant basis the most.  Yay!

TruKid Tip!  As with all new skin and hair products, always do a ‘patch test’ (yes, even with all natural ingredients) before using the product and wait a full 24-hours to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction.

About TruKid: Jennifer Adams Bunkers is the CEO of TruKid from Oakland, CA and is committed to having a cruelty-free all natural skincare line.  As you can see from this product, she has expanded her original mission of skin care only products into other all natural lines like hair care and product accessories.  Lucky us!

TruKid New Hand Wash All Natural Podz

List Price: $5.99

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