I’m the Happiest (Storytime) Hardcover


I’m the Happiest (Storytime) Hardcover

“I’m the TALLEST!” “I’m the LOUDEST!” “Well, I’m the HAPPIEST!”

The Quarto Knows series of Storytime are books that introduce young children to the pleasure of reading and sharing stories.  The publishing company does an excellent job at tackling subjects that are relate-able to little children.  Young animals, much like small children, want to BE THE BEST if there is a competition.  However, one little Raccoon is happy for them all. Can the animals learn to get along and be happy for each other?

I’m the Happiest is a delightfully colorful book with sweet illustrations and a heartwarming narrative and a positive message.  While the animals initially are boasting about what makes them the ‘best’, Raccoon is very happy for all of his friends.  Soon, Raccoon sings and dances and says how happy he is to have such diverse and wonderful animals in his life.  As soon as Raccoon starts dancing and singing, the other animals soon join in on an impromptu party.  It’s a great lesson for both children and adults – you can’t be THE BEST at everything, but you can be happy for others who are.  The book has some great discussion points for parents and teachers at the end which I found very useful.  ……Because I’m the best children’s book reviewer.  HA HA!  ;-P  Only kiddin’. 

About the Author:  Anna Shuttlewood studied mural painting and fine arts at the National Academy of Arts in Bulgaria. She has since turned her talents to children’s illustration and designing greeting cards. This is the first book she has written. She lives in London.

I’m the Happiest (Storytime) Hardcover


List Price: $ 8.95

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