Hydration for Pregnant Moms and Babies through ZeroWater


Hydration for Pregnant Moms and Babies through ZeroWater

When it comes to providing the best care and resources for your baby, parents should be aware that offering filtered water instead of tap is the safest option. 

The Ohio River is the most polluted body of water in the United States.  This now almost decade-old annual “honor” just keeps going to that very river, but it’s been severely contaminated for much, much longer.  Guess where I grew up?  Yup.  I was a river rat who grew up along the Muskingum and Ohio Rivers.  Lucky me!  Growing up in SE Ohio I was aware something was different about our water sources when we had to do ‘fluoride swishes’ when I was in elementary school.  As I was growing up, I learned more about the chemicals that were found and dumped into our rivers and had an acquaintance that got E. Coli just from swimming in our river.  When I worked at the EPA I learned of many health studies that were done in the area I grew up to find correlations on water contaminants and disease and people would give blood samples to be lab rats to test containment levels in their bodies for chemicals like manganese, boron, aldrin, etc. etc, etc.  I had been filtering and drinking bottled water for many years beforehand because my own tap water scared me and I was, sadly, right!  People who laughed about me paying for water, especially when I wasn’t making very much money, probably aren’t doing that as much now in the wake of the Flint water crisis and the high levels of lead that are found in many homes, schools, hospitals, etc. tap water.  Flint, MI is just a stone’s throw from the Ohio River and I don’t need to read any studies to know that high concentrations of lead are in the Ohio River, too.  Once a water source like a river is contaminated, it continues to flow into other water sources.  If there is one thing I learned from working around microbiologists who studied our water supply in the U.S., it is water is one of our most precious commodities and we are not doing enough to protect it.

While I had my two girls in Austin, Texas, my water-paranoia has stayed with me and I continue to drink filtered or natural spring water that has been tested for contaminants to be on the safe side.  I was extremely diligent about it when I was pregnant because there are so many reports that link contaminants like lead as being detrimental to a person’s body including causing developmental delays, slowed growth, and learning disabilities in children.  Water is so fundamentally important to our bodies and it is extremely important to stay hydrated, but it is also just as important to have water that is safe to drink.  It seems crazy to me that we are talking about such terrible contaminants that are in our own tap water, but I am actually going to tell you that I feel safer because I drink filtered water.  In fact, when I was researching for a way to cut down on my carbon footprint, but still provide my family with safe water to drink, I learned about ZeroWater and their filtration products.  If you haven’t heard, ZeroWater is the only pour-through pitcher certified for lead reduction.

As someone who cares about pregnant women and children, I wanted to write a post about the importance of not only staying hydrated, but that I also think it is important that people have access to safe drinking water.  I’ve dedicated a lot of blog posts about trying to have my family live as clean as possible because I do know what it is like to not have that option and it makes me sad that we can’t protect our most vulnerable citizens from contaminants in our waterways.  One way you can protect your family is by getting a water filtration system and ZeroWater is one cost-effective way to do that.  ZeroWater sells high performance water filtration through pitchers, filters, and even water bottles.  I am a fan of ZeroWater’s 6-cup pitcher because I send my children off to school with a water bottle every day and I want it to contain filtered water and this is a simple (and inexpensive) way to do it.  ZeroWater has a patented 5-stage filter compared to most on the market that are only 2-stage.  This filtration can remove virtually all dissolved solids from your tap water in just minutes.  ZeroWater is NSF certified to meet standards for lead removal as well as many other heavy metals (99.6% of TDS or Total Dissolved Solids) and Good Housekeeping Research Institute findings show that ZeroWater filters also remove more pharmaceuticals and chemicals than other leading filtration pitchers.  Protect yourself and your family and ensure that they are drinking water that is safe and free from contaminants, my friends.


Donate!  I believe every person deserves safe water to drink.  ZeroWater has partnered with United Way of Genesee County to give the people of Flint, MI – who are facing a toxic tap water crisis with lead poisoning – safe drinking water.  Want to help?  Go to this link here to see how you can donate.

Hydration for Pregnant Moms and Babies through ZeroWater


List Price:  $19.99 (6 cup pitcher) and up (Available at major retailers across the US and Canada)

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