Goody® Ouchless® Girls Cushion Brush


Goody® Ouchless® Girls Cushion Brush

No Tears For Mommy Or Me!

There is a very interesting thing that happens when your daughter turns 5 until (I’m told) they are age 7.  It’s very much a little kid vs. big kid dilemma in my child’s body and brain.  She wants to do everything by herself and she mostly does and can.  However, there are still things she may have to ask my help with and it drives her crazy!  She doesn’t want to need me, even when she does!  I get it, but she, of course, doesn’t think I do.  Ha!  Hair brushing has been one of those things that Brooke wants to do all on her own.  She gets so excited and proud when she does her own hair and she’s been growing it out for the last year which is completely her decision.  She was getting frustrated with getting out hair tangles and even with conditioning spray and brushing hair when wet, she was still having issues with tangles and snags.  That’s when I realized, it’s probably because she needed a better brush just right for her and her hair.  We found a winner in Goody’s Ouchless Girls Cushion Brush.

Goody’s Ouchless Girls Cushion Brush has something called FlexGlide™ bristles that according to laboratory testing* is the most effective and gentle detangling brush for girls.  The bristles are strong enough to un-snag matted and messy hair, but easy to glide through tangles without pain.  User testing that compared the Ouchless brush to their typical brush, 74% of the users experienced less snagging and pulling when using the Goody brush.  Once Brooke started using her Goody’s brush, I released that the hair brushing issues did come down to her needing a brush that was right for her.  No more tears of frustration on her end when she gets ready or after her bath/shower.  I’m not sure how I feel about how fast my daughter seems to be growing up, but I am ready for her to feel and be more independent and the Goody’s Ouchless brush for girls is exactly what she needed.  Yay for tangle-free hair!

  • FlexGlide™ bristles combine strength with flexibility to get through messy hair gently so your daughter won’t feel snags or pulls
  • Flexible cushion pad provides more comfortable detangling
  • Available in two adorable purple and pink hues

*Based on laboratory testing, the Goody Ouchless brushes performed the best when tested against all traditional detangling brushes (US IRI year end 2014/AC Nielsen 52 weeks ending April 4, 2015)

Goody® Ouchless® Girls Cushion Brush

List Price: $ 9.99 (Available at your local Target)

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