How to Eat an Airplane (Bad Idea Book Club) (Hardcover)


How to Eat an Airplane (Bad Idea Book Club) (Hardcover)

The Bad Ideas Book Club: Where the best ideas are bad ideas.

I like things that are silly and absurd.  Bob and I have done ghost tours, been to a Guinness World’s Record Museum, checked out the 24 Hour Church of Elvis, and love the Museum of the Weird.  However, even I was skeptical about reading a book on how to eat an airplane to my first grader, until I read the back pages of the book.  You see, this book is inspired by a true story of a man called Michel Lotito from France.  Michel Lotito or Monsieur Mangetout (“Mr Eat-All”) as they called him in France consumed all sorts of strange objects, many of them metal.  One of the ‘objects’ was a Cessna 150 airplane that took him two years to consume.  YUCK!  However, it also got him into the Guinness World Record for Strangest Diet.

The first book in the Bad Ideas Book Club, aptly named How to Eat an Airplane, explains: If you want to eat an airplane, there are a few things you should know. The truth is, most airplanes are too large to eat by yourself, so if you want to eat an airplane, you should have a party. The books gets pretty unusual and absurd as the guests arrive to start eating the airplane while also intertwining information on proper dinner etiquette and jet plane mechanics.  I kept finding myself stopping and saying, “Now, you know you really CAN’T eat this or that, right, Brooke?”  Brooke would nod and laugh, but I felt it was necessary to let her know engine oil is poisonous and this is a tongue-in-cheek book.

I know of no other book that I could compare How to Eat an Airplane because it is just so out there!  I am looking forward to reading the future books in this series and the book jacket gives us some hints as to the upcoming titles.  Ahem, How to Camp Underwater, How to Fold the Sun, How to Walk Like a Dump Truck, and How to Catch a Piano.  Yes, all of those books sound like they belong in The Bad Idea Book Club.  Like their slogan says, “The Bad Idea Book Club: where the best ideas are bad ideas.”

Disclaimer!  There’s a disclaimer included for anyone who believes the book is an actual guide (so please don’t go around trying to eat airplanes!)—as well as four pages of fascinating and relevant airplane facts. Perfect for precocious readers and airplane lovers as well as teachers and parents looking to enjoy something unique and fun.

About the Author:  Peter Pearson spends most of his time pressed against the fence of the Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport. He was almost kicked out of the children’s writing program at Hamline University for eating a teacher’s pencil, but fortunately they let him stay.

About the Illustrator:  Mircea Catusanu spends most of his time suspended at thirty thousand feet between his native Romania and his home in New York, living the high life. Literally. He enjoys fishing off Long Island for one of his favorite sandwich ingredients: submarines.

How to Eat an Airplane (Bad Idea Book Club) (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 17.99  (On sale through for $13.72)

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