Ruby Rose: Off to School She Goes (Hardcover)


Ruby Rose: Off to School She Goes (Hardcover)

A perfect back-to-school book for budding dancers.

Bob and I have talked quite a bit about how we want our girls to have time in school for dancing, jumping, and running.  Preschoolers and young elementary aged kids aren’t meant to sit still for long periods of time; heck, HUMANS shouldn’t sit in one place for long periods of time!  They say you should get up from your computer at least every 30-45 minutes.  We feel lucky that our kids have recess and gym but the time they spend on those periods are way down from when Bob and I went to school.  There’s more work, homework, and prepping for standardized tests, so we try and make our weekends filled with lots of physical activity.  We want them to play and run and jump until they are exhausted from all the fun, and they LOVE it.  Where am I going with this…well, first I have to introduce you to the new children’s book character called Ruby Rose.

Ruby Rose loves to dance . . .

. . . while she’s brushing her teeth,

. . . while she’s eating her breakfast,

. . . and even on her way to class.

But there’s NO DANCING at school!  Her teacher scolds her as she dances down the hall, her teacher tells her to be still when they are having reading time, she also gets a raised eyebrow when she leads the class line into a dance line.  OK, Ruby Rose gets it… dancing in school.  SIGH!  However, an interesting mishap with the class ant farm turns into a class dance party – and Ruby Rose couldn’t be happier.  Ruby Rose actually finds a way to get everyone up on their dancing feet….even if it means she has to tell her mom she has to purchase a new farm for the class ants.  Oops!  This is an adorable book and very true to life in many schools these days – recess and gym are so vital to schools because, as we know, there is NO DANCING in school.  And that’s a little sad.  Go Ruby Rose!

About the Author:  Rob Sanders is a writer who teaches and a teacher who writes. Every day he waltzes to Mintz Elementary School in Brandon, Florida, to teach kids about books and words and reading and writing. Then he boogie-woogies back home to write books for children. On weekends and holidays you might find him boot-scooting with his dog, Baxter; hokey-pokeying at the beach with his great-nieces and -nephews; or cha-chaing with other children’s writers. Nothing makes his heart dance more than hearing boys and girls say, “Read it again!”

About the Illustrator:  Debbie Ridpath Ohi writes and draws children’s books for a living. She has illustrated books by Judy Blume and Michael Ian Black and is the author-illustrator of Where Are My Books? Secret fact: Debbie sometimes dances in her office when no one is looking. She lives in Toronto with her husband, Jeff.

Ruby Rose: Off to School She Goes (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 15.99

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