Rock’N River Park in Round Rock (Local Austin, TX) (Events for Families)


Rock’N River Park in Round Rock (Local Austin, TX) (Events for Families)

The Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department and City Council hosted a Dedication Ceremony and sneak peek walking tours, officially kicking off the opening of the new and expanded Rock’N River Water Park on Friday, May 27!

Something Big Just Got Bigger in Round Rock Texas and my family had the fun opportunity to check it out! The NEWLY expanded Rock’N River Water Park that opened on Memorial Day Weekend is now more than double in size with exciting new attractions for the entire family!  It’s QUITE impressive.  The expansion was funded by the 2014 voter-approved bond and construction of the project started last summer. Upon opening in summer of 2006, Rock’N River has consistently been at capacity and has had strong attendance each swim season. The goal of the expansion was to increase the park’s capacity and create attractions that appealed to teens, adults and kids. The completed expansion exceeds these goals and has increased the park’s capacity from 600 to 1,600 guests and offers three new exciting themed areas including Splashville, The Quarry and the Watering Hole that will be very popular with teens and adults.

Rock’N River Park Location:

  • Rock’N River Water Park
  • Old Settlers Park
  • 3300 Palm Valley Blvd.
  • Round Rock, Texas 78665

2016 Operating Schedule:

Memorial Day Weekend May 28, 29, 30  (noon to 6 p.m.)
June 3 through Aug. 21 (noon to 7 p.m.) Closed Wednesdays
Aug. 27, 28 and Sept. 3, 4, 5 (noon to 6 p.m.)

Season Passes:
Good at Rock’N River Water Park only.
$60.00 Youth/Senior Pass
$70.00 Adult Pass
$225.00 Family Pass (4 people) Add additional family members for just $10.00 each.

The expansion includes the new Hitching Post food truck circle. The Hitching Post will feature delicious food and drink options for lunch and dinner. Food trucks will be rotated throughout the season offering residents various food varieties. Residents will also enjoy relaxing in one of the new luxury Rental Cabanas, Umbrella areas, or the Central Picnic Pavilion.  YUM!


The expansion includes a huge sprayground play area attraction called Splashville that includes 51 play features. Play features include four new water slides, tipping buckets, down jets, hose jets, tipping cones, water curtain, water guns, net obstacles and more for kids and adults to explore. This attraction alone nearly doubles the existing Rock’N River capacity with 6,650 sq. ft. of play room which can accommodate approximately 500 guests.


The expansion also features The Quarry, a high adventure area featuring a 12 ½ foot jumping platform and rock climbing wall with waterfall feature. Guests who attempt to climb to the top of the rock wall can fall safely back into the deep water lagoon below. Additionally, a Drop Slide with a 4 foot drop into the deep water lagoon is also integrated into the rock wall. This area also includes water volleyball or basketball for active fun in the sun.


The new Watering Hole provides a leisure lagoon and food service area that features 13 covered swim up concession seats along with a walk up concession area. Guest will be able to view their favorite sporting event on the various TVs located throughout. This area also includes water basketball for big fun in the sun and a zero depth entry pool with small geysers for the kids. Water immersed Lounge chairs are also available at the water sun deck that allows guests to stay cool while they enjoy the sun.


Guests will also enjoy relaxing in one of the new Rental Cabanas, Umbrella areas or the Central Picnic Pavilion. The Rental Cabanas include a love seat, 2 chairs, 2 sling chases, side table, and cable enabled television. The Cabanas can accommodate up to 10 people. Umbrella areas feature various tables and chairs and can accommodate up to 24 people. The Picnic Pavilion is the perfect place to host a larger party and can accommodate up to 50 people. To book a rental, residents may call the Parks and Recreation Main Office at 512-218-5540.

Residents may visit for admission and season pass pricing, operating schedule and Cabana/Umbrella/Central Picnic Pavilion rentals.

Check it out!  Take a look at the aerial video of the Park at this link.

Don’t forget!  Check out this page to see prohibited items at the park including attire, food and beverages, and behavior.

Our Experience!

FullSizeRender  Brie was ready to go SPLASH!

We arrived at the Rock’N River Park at exactly noon when it opened on a Saturday and there were already large lines to get in to the park.  However, there are actually two lines; a cash, credit card, and pass line and one that is credit card only or pass line.  The latter was much smaller, so we actually got into the park faster than I thought.  Before you enter the park, there is a little height chart that you can have your child stand next to and will let you know the different pools where they can swim.  There are certain pools where your child must be a strong swimmer in order to be in the pool.

FullSizeRender[1] FullSizeRender[2]  From the entrance……waiting in line. 

As soon as we go into the park, we needed to locate a place to put our towels and most of the cabana seating was already reserved and there wasn’t a lot of places where you could sit that were in shade unless you paid in advance.  Lesson learned:  if you want to get a shaded spot to sit, reserve it ahead of time at the website below!  After walking around a bit, we found the concession stand (AKA the ‘General Store” where you can pay to store your valuables (purse, etc.) and we got a medium bin which was $3.00 for the day.  Not too shabby.  On a related note, the stand also sold swim diapers and sunscreen in case you forgot to bring your own.  When we finally found an empty seat to keep our towels, the fun really began.  Bob was able to snap a few pictures before we put our phones in the storage bin, and Brooke, Brie and I were already in the water!

IMAG1055 IMAG1056 IMAG1057

My biggest surprise at the Rock’N River Park is that it is extremely child-friendly, even for very little children.  There were three different pools where I could take both my toddler and first grader that had child pools with lots of water shooting out or falling down from different spouts and a pool that had a little splash pad for very little children.  It was great!  We spent the most time in the Watering Hole pool, where Brooke and I would swim around starting in the 1 foot deep water and wound around to a 4 foot deep water area and back again to the watering hole area that had plenty of seating and a place to buy beverages (we didn’t purchase any but saw that bottled water was $2.00) and swim around in 3 feet of water.  Brooke really had a blast!


The staff were very pleasant and we saw several life guards watching in every single area.  You are allowed to bring flotation devices, but if they are not certified by the US Coast Guard, the staff will let you know you are not able to use them, but there are bins in the front area of the pool with flotation devices that are free to use and available in many sizes.  Although Brooke could have stayed at the Park the entire day, Brie our toddler, was getting too hot in the sun and was ready to go after about an hour and a half.  The biggest downside is that since we didn’t rent a cabana there was really no place to seek shade unless you were in certain areas of a pool.  However, there were plenty of ways to cool off including stands that sold snow cones and other treats and you are able to bring in your own bottles of water which helped.  All in all, it was a great experience and I would recommend this water park to any parents in the Austin area with small children.  It’s a great way to spend the day with your family and get some fun exercise while you are at it.  I did check into renting a cabana in the future, but they are a little pricey (a cabana for the day can set you back $100.00), but if you are planning to spend the entire day and want to make sure you have seating with SHADE, I would highly recommend it.  It was definitely very crowded there, so any free open seating was very hard to find.   That said, if you go on a week day, instead of a hot Saturday, it is probably a lot easier to find seating.  It was a well laid out water park and very family-friendly and it’s a wonderful pool option for the Austin area!

Rock’N River Park in Round Rock (Local Austin, TX) (Events for Families)

Park Admission Prices:

Daily Admission:

  • $8.00 Youth (17 years & under)
  • $10.00 Adults (18-49 years)
  • $8.00 Senior (50 years & over)
  • $5.00 Kids (2 years & under)

Want to stay past 5 pm until a later close time (usually 7 pm)?  You are in luck!

Twilight Admission (5pm to Close)

  • $4.00 Youth (17 years & under)
  • $5.00 Adults (18-49 years)
  • $4.00 Senior (50 years & over)
  • $2.50 (2 years & under)

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