Her Idea (Hardcover)


Her Idea (Hardcover)

Her idea is a story for all ages and a tale about getting to THE END.

If I had to categorize my husband and I, I would say that he is a thinker and I’m a doer.  What I mean by that is Bob likes to take his time to tackle projects.  He reads, he researches, sometime he ends up scrapping ideas in the name of perfection.  I, on the other hand, will start on a task as soon as it is discussed and even if it isn’t ‘Grade A’ material, I like to be able to cross it off of my to-do list and start on the next thing.  Bob’s and my relationship has actually made us both better in this area; he takes less time struggling over the start of an idea and I now take more time to think before I start a project.  While our brains are pretty hardwired at our age, the old saying that ‘you can’t teach on old dog new tricks’ is actually pure bologna.

In this lovely book called Her Idea, a little girl named Sozi is struggling about how to make her ideas happen.  She has so many ideas floating in her head, it is hard not to jump from one idea to the next and staying focused.  Then Sozi starts to write a book which is how the magic really happens.  By being able to focus on one story, she is about to get organized and capture her creativity.  Read how Sozi experiences the elation, struggle and triumph of making ideas happen in this wonderful, imaginative book.. It is a delicious read for the brain and a hint at the ending.

About the Author/Illustrator: Rilla Alexander is an Australian designer and illustrator whose work has appeared on everything from toys and tea cups to busses and buildings. She designed the children’s products for Madrid’s Museo del Prado, teaches Character Design at the Pictoplasma Academy in Berlin and her work has been showcased at Paris’ cultural mecca Colette and at the Musée de la Publicité/Louvre. Her books celebrate creativity, reading, making and doing. She currently lives in Portland, OR.  For more information visit byrilla.com and sozi.com.

Her Idea (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 19.95


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