Kandoo Potty Time Campaign


Kandoo Potty Time Campaign

Summer is potty training season, and Kandoo is here to help in a BIG way!

Kandoo is here to help you with your potty training needs!  When decide when to get started, Kandoo’s website is here to share tips and tools every parent needs, and if you have set backs, they can help with that too!  Kandoo has helped millions of kids keep clean, and the Kandoo team has everything you need to know or never thought you needed to help you get your little ones potty trained.

  • Kandoo is selling a Potty Time Pack in their online store and it’s just $20 + free shipping.
    Their potty time pack will have you set for the house or on the go. A super power cape does wonders for getting your little one to use the potty! Go HERE to learn more.

Get all of your potty training tools in our potty time pack! The following items are included:

  • 150 count Kandoo wipes (3 refills!)
  • Kandoo tub with 50 wipes and stickers to decorate your child’s tub
  • Foaming Hand Soap
  • 42 count flushable wipes
  • It’s Potty Time – A Potty Training Story for kids booklet
  • Super Power Cape
  • Kandoo Growth Chart
  • 3 Free Music Downloads
  • Kandoo Coupons
  • Sign up for Kandoo’s potty training hacks newsletter!
    Each week Kandoo will send you the most effective hacks on potty training. A step-by-step plan of action on when to start, supplies to buy, how to keep it silly, and handle setbacks.  Go HERE to learn more.
  • Master potty training with Kandoo’s extensive potty training resources.
    As every parent can attest, potty training can be a process. From helping your child know when to “go” to what to do after they’ve “gone” and everything in between. Independent toileting isn’t easy when you’re first starting out. Things may go fairly smoothly for some yet be a little bumpy for others, or be a combination of ups and downs. Kandoo has compiled a series of tips and tools to help you and your child master the potty training process.  Go HERE to learn more.

Help your little one get a clean wipe every time with the Kandoo Potty Time Pack. From Kandoo Flushable Wipes to Kandoo BRIGHTFOAM® Handsoap – and even a potty training superhero cape – the Potty Time Pack has everything you need for potty training success.  If your child likes to be independent, the Kandoo Potty Time Pack can help. Click here to purchase it now with free shipping!  Happy Potty Training!

About Kandoo Products:  Nehemiah (parent company of Kandoo Kids) was founded in 2009 with the mission to build brands, create jobs and change lives. They are led by a team of seasoned consumer products executives who share a passion to make a positive impact on people and the community.   Our facility is in the inner city of Cincinnati, where they feel they can have the greatest impact creating jobs and changing lives.

Kandoo Potty Time Campaign


List Price: $ 20.00 (FREE SHIPPING!)

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