Revolutionary Swimwear Guarantees Perfect Fit

Tie Dye

Revolutionary Swimwear Guarantees Perfect Fit

Reinventing the boardshort with a patented adjustable waist!

The hardest kind of clothes to get for Bob is swimwear.  It’s almost impossible, but his favorite swim trunks are boardshorts and there are so many different kinds on the market I didn’t know where to look.  We have passes to go to the Hawaiian Falls swim park this summer, so the clock was ticking.  No one (I mean, NO ONE) wants an ill-fitting pair of boardshorts! But more often than not, boardshorts tend to gape at the waist, and can fall off as soon as one jumps in the water. Just Bones Boardwear™ is shaking things up with their revolutionary, patented technology of a unique adjustable waistband that creates the perfect fit for anyone–on land or in the water. These fun boardshorts are available for toddlers, boys, girls and men.



Check it out!  Check out how boardshorts are different by watching this video!

Instead of settling for ill-fitting boardshorts that may fall off when jumping in, there’s a boardshort that fits all shapes and sizes from Just Bones Boardwear™. Just Bones Boardwear™ is Reinventing The Boardshort™ with its patented technology of a unique adjustable waistband that creates the perfect fit for anyone–on land or in the water.  While many boardshorts can fall down because of a disparity between waist size and length, Just Bones Boardwear™ revolutionizes the traditional boardshort with its patented, full-adjustability waist technology discretely hidden in a Velcro® flap at the waistband in the back. Just lift the well-hidden flap, adjust the waist-size and presto, the boardshort fits perfectly!  This is exactly why I chose to get a pair for Bob.

The quick-drying Just Bones Boardwear™ is available in two styles with many vibrant prints and trendy designs to choose from:

  • Performance shorts are great for any water sport from surfing to wakeboarding to swimming with a guaranteed perfect fit with the adjustable waistband that won’t fall off in the water with comfortable 4-way stretch.
  • Hybrid shorts are perfect for going from the beach to lunch and worn hiking, biking and even to that backyard BBQ with the patented adjustable waist and comfortable stretch.
  • Just Bones Boardwear™ is available in sizes for boys, men, girls and toddlers.


Check out the wide selection of designs and colors at I went with the Tie Dye pattern for Men and Bob loves it.  It fits him perfectly, he loves the adjustable waist, and it looks good on him.  YES!  I did well!

If your family plans on doing a lot of swimming this summer, Just Bones Boardwear makes the perfect gift!  Check out their website for size options and color choices. 

About Just Bones Boardwear:  Just Bones Boardshorts are a Millburn, NJ company that originally designed boardshorts for boys with waist sizes ranging from 21-30 inches. In response to strong retail and consumer demand, Just Bones Boardwear™ has introduced collections for toddlers, girls and men.  Yay!

Revolutionary Swimwear Guarantees Perfect Fit

List Price: $ 54.00 (Men’s Boardshorts)


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