The Perfect Spring Pout with Hard Candy’s New Fierce Effects Lipstick (Beauty for Moms)


The Perfect Spring Pout with Hard Candy’s New Fierce Effects Lipstick

Warm up to the Spring season with a perfect pout of color.  

I was never a big fan of lipstick until I realized why it didn’t work for me.  I have dry skin and that also includes my lips so lipstick would always make my lips even drier and led to cakey-looking lipstick in just a few hours of wearing and it looked and felt yucky.  I have been a collector of colored lip glosses and gels until I realized that smart manufactures of lipstick were adding things like Argan oil to keep lips MOIST and allowing those with dry lips like mine to actually shine all day.  It was a make-up break-through, if there is such a thing!  The really awesome thing is, you don’t have to spend a lot on a nice shade of lipstick that works for dry lips and Hard Candy has some great new spring colors to make your lips smile and shine.

Hard Candy’s new spring shades offers the latest lipsticks that go from pale pink to purple for that great refreshing feel and look of spring.  For being just FIVE bucks a lipstick, Hard Candy has a smooth formula that glides easily on your lips and makes them highly pigmented with an ultra soft weightless texture.  The lipsticks are infused with Argan oil for added moisture and shine, so they work well for me.  The Hard Candy line is only offered through Walmart stores or and the new 18-shades for spring are pretty impressive.

My personal favorites are:

HC2Galactica – a pretty purple shade that lightens your face, and

HC3Glisten to Me – a pink shade that puts a bright shine on my already pink-ish toned lips.

For those bold folks out there who like bright or shocking colors, check out the ruby-red color of Show Off to the darkest of the dark shades called Black Diamond.  Whatever color you chose, you will certainly stand out and turn heads for your lipstick shade and not your lipstick malfunction!  Love!

Available in 18 shades including; Chalkin Pink, Provocative, Show Off, Galactica, Newly Berried, Prowler, Glisten to Me, Thunder, Black Diamond, Slylac, Heart Breaker, Sky’s the Limit, Nudist, Seduced, Sunshine, Night Queen, Jealousy and Virtual Reality.

The Perfect Spring Pout with Hard Candy’s New Fierce Effects Lipstick

List Price: $5.00 Each

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