It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!: Sing-Along Animal Songs (Hardcover/CD Combo)


It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!: Sing-Along Animal Songs (Hardcover/CD Combo)

A delightful, lighthearted collection of sing-along songs featuring funny irresistible animal characters, including cuddly cats and dogs who just want to be your friend, even on a rainy day!

When Bob and I lived in Fayetteville, North Carolina home to Fort Bragg, an Army base where soldiers would have to parachute out of planes to maintain their ‘jump status’, I swore the radio would play, “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls about 100 times a day.  100 times, I swear to it!  I worked in an office that insisted on listening to this one local station where I would have to hear the song over and over and over again that I began having dreams about the song and of people jumping into the air while rain poured out of the sky and the dreams never ended well.  The silliness and absurdity of the song clashed with the realization that the reason it was ‘raining men’ was because there were soldiers who were training to fight in engagements.  So when I saw the latest edition to the awesome collection of CD/books by The Secret Mountain was entitled “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!” I immediately wondered if it would be fun-loving or a more of a sad-bluesy album.  Happily, as I read and listened to the album/book with my girls I realized this it is a light-hearted album with catchy and summery songs full of whimsy and good cheer and I breathed a sigh of relief!

The illustrator, Marie-Eve Tremblay, has a fun graphic art touch as she shares her interpretations of each song on the page.  There are songs that celebrate cuddling your cats and dogs on a rainy day, sharing an umbrella with a heartbroken pooch who sings the blues, and one song that is all about loving your dog.  My girls loved the song “Twelve Kittens” the best and have had me play it a bunch of times, probably because they have now started a campaign on me in our house for us to adopt another stray kitten (No!  I say!  No!), but it is all in good fun.  The CD has very skilled musicians and accomplished singers (from Canada, so I only know them through The Secret Mountain’s wonderful songs.)  The ten featured songs on the album are fantastic to listen to while the accompanying book is like frosting on a cake.  This album resonates with my entire family because it joyfully praises animal lovers everywhere and like most children, my girls love animals.  Even the slithery slimy ones.  The Secret Mountain always amazes and surprises me with each new release and “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!” may just be my favorite sing-along album to date.  That is saying a lot!

Track Listing:

  1. Holy Cow! by Al Simmons
  2. How I Love Them All! by Michelle Campagne
  3. The Musical Cat by Genevieve Toupin
  4. Twelve Kittens by Thomas Hellman and Emilie Clepper
  5. Three Little Mice Marched Merrily by Paul Campagne
  6. Papa’s Quiet Rascals by Glen Bowser
  7. I Love That Dog by Connie Kaldor
  8. Thelma the Cow and Bozo the Dog by Connie Kaldor
  9. A Hunter Through and Through (Sir’s Song) by Jessica Vigneault
  10. Lullaby for My Sleepy Dog by Annick Bremault

About The Secret MountainAward-winning stories and music for all eyes and ears.  The Secret Mountain is a Montreal, Quebec company that is dedicated to creating quality children’s books, videos and audio recordings.  I love their pairing of books with music that adds to the quality of a child’s learning.  Check out their English (also available in French) titles and store here.

About the Illustrator:  Marie Eve Tremblay, a graduate in graphic design from the University of Montreal, has illustrated articles for several Canadian magazines. One of her illustrations that appeared in Readers Digest won her an Applied Arts Illustration Award in 2012. She has also collaborated with authors on a half-dozen children’s books, including the series “Questions and Answers About…” (Usborne Publishing) and “La Vengeresse masquée et le loup” (Les 400 coups). She lives in Montreal.

It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!: Sing-Along Animal Songs (Hardcover/CD Combo)

List Price: $ 16.95 (Currently through Amazon Prime)

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