Silly Wonderful You (Hardcover)


Silly Wonderful You (Hardcover)

Before YOU came along, so many things were different! But now there’s a giggly baby, a house full of adventures and toys, a million little surprises. . . . And so much love.

I read this book with both of my girls and there were a few times my voice got a little bit wobbly because the author describes so accurately how it feels to be a parent to a young child.  It’s sticky, icky, and fun and a whole lot of love that comes from being a parent of a – sometimes cranky – but never dull kid.  It’s all true what they say – you sleep less, you worry more, things are always messy and you can’t explain why and you wonder if life will ever stop surprising you! But there is one thing that never gets old, and that is the feeling that each of your kids is a ‘silly, wonderful YOU‘.  I love being a parent even when I’m exhausted and it’s probably just some HUGE biological imprint into our brains to care for these crazy little creatures so strongly or maybe it does just happen naturally.  I have to add in the part about me reading this book to my girls; a toddler who knows her ABCs and an almost-first grader who reads quite well, and realizing that trying to add in their names and things in different places…to which my reader Brooke always said, “That’s NOT what it says, mom.”  “Yes, I know.  It’s not called Silly Wonderful Brooke and Brie, but it could be called that.”  Brooke smiled although I’m not sure if she was just being her usual silly self or if she is starting to understand that when I change words in the books, I do it for her and her sister.  I do it to make reading even more fun through personalization – and that’s just something their silly and perhaps wonderful mommy does.

About the Author:  Sherri Duskey Rinker, bestselling author of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, lives in the Chicago area with her photographer husband and two sons. She’s constantly inspired — and often exhausted! Her books are love stories for her children, written to wrangle some smiles and with the hopes of happier bedtimes and sweet dreams for all.

About the Illustrator:  Patrick McDonnell is a New York Times best-selling author, and creator of the comic strip MUTTS which appears in over 700 newspapers around the globe. He has received numerous awards internationally, including the National Cartoonists Society’s highest honor, The Reuben. You can sign up to receive the daily MUTTS strip at

Silly Wonderful You (Hardcover)

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