Teddy the Dog: Be Your Own Dog (Hardcover)


Teddy the Dog: Be Your Own Dog (Hardcover)

Teddy the dog is living a dog’s life.

Teddy the Dog can not be tamed.  This proud obedience school drop-out does what he wants, when he wants to do it, and it seems as if no one can stop him.  Unless that person – errr ummmm feline – has four legs, a loud purr, and some seriously scratchy claws.  Teddy’s family inherits this crazy cat named Fishbone and she has a thing or two to teach this canine with a self-entitled larger than life personality.

Teddy the Dog is based on the website www.teddythedog.com, which features Teddy on clothing, blankets, and more.  If you want to adorn yourself in doggie slogans like ‘nauti dog’ or ‘stay dirty, my friends’, than Teddy the Dog is right up your alley.  This is Teddy’s first children’s book, but I have a feeling it is definitely not his last.  Together Teddy and Fishbone are the wrecking crew dynamo to the usual super-caped hero of the animal book world.  After Fishbone, Teddy learns that maybe it’s not just a dog’s life after all.  You gotta be ‘kitten’ me.  HA!  Four paws up.

About the Author:  Keri Claiborne Boyle has loved writing since she was your age. After years in business communications, she now gets to write for kids and think like a dog! She earned a master’s degree from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s from the University of Rochester. An avid triathlete and marathoner, she lives in suburban Boston with her husband and four children (three human, one canine), who serve—sometimes unknowingly—as the inspiration for much of her writing. This is her first children’s book.

About the Illustrator:  When he was growing up, Jonathan Sneider’s appreciation for cartoons extended beyond the television and Sunday comics. He was often caught doodling creatures when he should have been doing his homework. Luckily, he made it out of the University of Vermont alive with a degree in studio art. Now, it truly is a dog’s life for Jon, designing in his hometown at the office of Teddy the Dog. He works alongside his dog, Honey, and some other talented people too! When Jon’s not in the office, Honey and he enjoy hiking, biking, and adventuring, just like Teddy the Dog.

Teddy the Dog: Be Your Own Dog (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99 (Currently on sale through Amazon Prime for $13.32)

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