Tubbly Bubbly by Kel-Gar Inc. (TX Product)


Tubbly Bubbly by Kel-Gar Inc. (TX Product)

Bring safari-sized fun into the bathtub with the Kel-Gar Tubbly Bubbly® faucet protectors!

We recently moved and it was a great way to get rid of things we no longer use or that we should no longer use.  The faucet protector we had been using was made with this funky foam that worked well, but ended up tearing in half and none of my temporary fixes would work for long.  On top of all of the old tub toys that were harboring some mold (again, with attempts to remedy this by with no luck), I finally said, “Let’s start ALL over with kid bath products in our new house!”  It didn’t take long to know we needed a faucet cover as Brie almost did a face plant on it while doing her ‘swimming exercises’ in the bath (as she likes to call them.)  I was looking for a faucet that was durable and one that was easy to clean.  I’ve found all of that and more in the Tubbly Bubbly.

What is a Tubbly Bubbly?  I thought you’d never ask! A Tubbly Bubbly is……

  • Faucet protector plus bubble bath dispenser in one!
  • Soft, protective faucet cover, makes tub safer
  • Bonus: Can also be used as a bubble dispenser, making bath time more fun
  • Friendly character will bring bath time smiles
  • Durable design will fit snugly on any standard bath tub faucet

It’s a fun and playful faucet protector that serves a double purpose as a bubble bath dispenser. This soft and amusing bath toy has two purposes – making your child smile, and keeping them safe. The harsh metal edges of all bathtub faucets are a hazard to your child’s safety, and the Tubbly Bubbly® Hippo (our animal of choice!) acts as a faucet protector, covering the dangerous metal bath fixtures with a soft, safe material and a smiling hippo face. Designed using a soft and flexible material. The Tubbly Bubbly® Hippo is also a bubble dispenser, and will provide hours of entertainment in the bathtub- just pour bubble bath in the hippo’s nose (or if you have the elephant you pour the bubbles in its trunk), and watch your child’s eyes light up as oodles of bubbles come pouring out. Children love the hippo’s smiling face, bright colors and hours of bubbly fun!

– Soft and colourful faucet protector
– Bubble bath dispenser
– Fits most bathtub faucets
– Flexible, soft material

Please note:  This product can not be used with faucets with the shower diverters on spout.

Check it out!  Kel-Gar also makes these adorable Tub Gloves!


Sudsy® Buddies™

  • Soft, playful puppets encourage interaction
  • Great fun in or out of the tub
  • Comes with two buddies, adult and child size
  • Hand puppet and wash cloth in one
  • Gentle on baby’s skin

Tubbly Bubbly by Kel-Gar Inc. (TX Product)


List Price: $ 9.99


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