Poopyhead, the Game Where #2 Always Wins!


Poopyhead, the Game Where #2 Always Wins!

Poopyhead is a hilarious game of cards where being #1 requires “doo” diligence in #2!

If there is one thing I’m proud that was instilled in me since a young age, it’s having the sense of the absurd.  As far as gross-out or silliness, I think I am almost immune at anything shocking.  I’ve never been one for guts or gore, but beyond that, nothing ever seemed off limits to joke about in my family and growing up my family was a group of complete nutters.  My older brother and I are only 18 months apart in age, and I was always the rag-tag tomboy that ran with his crowd so I naturally gravitated towards things that at the time were considered ‘boyish’ behavior.  When I first discovered I was pregnant, I had little doubt I was carrying a boy (my husband has all brothers and I have an older brother – so wasn’t that somehow ingrained in our DNA?), but when the ultrasound showed that, in fact, I was having a girl, my first thought was, “Can I raise a GIRL?”  That now insane notion that I had to somehow act or be a different mom to a child because of their gender makes me laugh today.  OF COURSE I can raise a girl just how I am and I wouldn’t trade my two girls for anything.  They consistently make me laugh, are doing something funny, and they both have wicked senses of humor.  All that nonsense about girls being ‘prim and proper’ was a notion I soon discovered was a complete myth.  Children are who they are based on their environment and the intentions placed on them, and while I expect my children to have manners, a major emphasis on learning, and have a sense of responsibility, I also think it’s important that I let them be who they are which includes them playing with things they love that include Play-Doh cakes on one hand and with LEGOs and Star Wars on another.  Brooke loves dinosaurs, playing dress-up, and getting dirty outside and has a great mix of friends who are boys and girls which I think that is lovely.

As what happens when you have little kids in your home, there is a lot of talk of toilet humor.  POOP is a funny topic to my almost-six and two and a half year old.  Mix that with a family-friendly game filled with fake poo, a whoopie cushion and cards that actually talk about the proper order of doing a number two had me skeptical at first, but my husband was quick to say he wanted to try out the game Poopyhead and I’m glad I listened!  It has since become a family favorite game in our now growing collection.

It find it funny when adults try and avoid saying the word ‘POOP’ as if it is somehow placed in the same category as other four-letter words!  You can say BMs, excrement, or number two all you want, but it all boils down to poopy and admit it, everyone does it! So why not make a game of it? Poopyhead includes five headbands (elastic bands with a brown pile resembling poo), thus the name Poopyhead, that players will eventually wear once they lose a round. Families of all ages can play this silly game, trying not to laugh nonstop, for the five round duration.  After five rounds, the player with the most piles atop their head is the game loser.

FullSizeRender  Brooke loves this game, especially when her mommy has to wear poo on her head!

How to Play Poopyhead

Poopyhead is a card game where players have to play their cards in the proper order : Toilet – Poo – Paper – and the Wash your hands card. If a player is not able to play a card, they must immediately push on the filled whoopie cushion to make a loud “PHHHHEEEPPPP” sound.  At the end of each round, the player who has the most cards left must place one of the ‘poo headbands’ on their head. After five rounds, the player with the most poo on their head is the loser.  Brooke is at the perfect age to play this game with her dad and I while her little sister looks on with amusement.  I actually liked the fact that Poopyhead isn’t just silly, it teaches an order of using the loo, and is a perfect game for teaching about sportsmanship.  We laugh at how many poos we accrue and while we play to win, it’s totally fine if we don’t.  Learning important skills with a poop-based game?  Yes, it’s possible!  Currently a big seller online at Target, Toys R Us and Amazon, Poopyhead will soon be available at stores like Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and Hastings.

Game info:

  • Players: 2-4
  • Kids
  • Age: 6 and up

What’s included:

  • 5 Poopyhead headbands
  • 1 Whoopie cushion
  • 1 deck of 48 cards
  • Game rules

Check it out!  Watch this funny video on how to play Poopyhead!


Poopyhead, the Game Where #2 Always Wins!


List Price: $ 16.99  (Note:  There’s a free accompanying app in both the iTunes and Google Play stores to extend play!)

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