Hair Warrior Leave-in Hydration Hair Fitness Treatment (Beauty for Moms)

Hair Warrior

Hair Warrior Leave-in Hydration Hair Fitness Treatment (Beauty for Moms)

Hair Warrior is a revolutionary hair care product that adds both hydration and protection during physical activity and fitness.

Think of Hair Warrior as an electrolyte for your hair.  It will hydrate and protect your hair while you work out.  HairWarrior is a bodyheat activated hair care product that adds hydration and protection during yoga, running, spinning or whatever makes you sweat!  Hair Warrior protects from sweat and heat that causes damage to your hair.   This body heat activated fitness formula helps reduce frizziness and fading while adding shine, softness and body.  Applied prior to activity, Hair Warrior works with your body heat to smooth, protect and condition each strand – preventing damage and strengthening your hair.  As someone with frizzy hair, I can say that the Hair Warrior is an amazing product.  Let’s call it what it is: a game changer for problem hair. People like me plan workouts around my hair, but NO LONGER!  My hair feels and looks amazing after each work out and I have Hair Warrior to thank!

About Hair Warrior:

  • Hair Warrior is a heat activated hair fitness treatment that hydrates and protects hair against sweat while exercising.
  • Hair Warrior replenishes what has been lost and will prevent future damage
  • Hair Warrior is body heat activated and, not only hydrates hair but protects it from the salt produced from sweat that leaves hair brittle, dull and dry.
  • Hair Warrior is applied prior to exercise. It absorbs into the hair and will not run into your eyes or onto your face when you perspire.
  • Formulated with the highest botanicals & essential oils, Hair Warrior is a carefully composed scientific formula that acts like an electrolyte for your hair. Our patented water lock-in feature seals in moisture reduces frizziness, preserves color, and adds shine. Hair Warrior is perfect for yoga, running or whatever heats you up!


Rooted in Science.  Active Ingredients in Hair Warrior.

  • Quinoa is a botanical that adds body to your hair naturally. Quinoa’s unique amino acid chain helps to repair damage to the hair shaft, strengthening and protecting each strand.
  • Bamboo and Pro-Vitamin B5 help to re-hydrate damaged and processed hair – reducing split ends, smoothing strands and sealing in moisture.
  • Organic Argan Oil, Abyssinian Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil are used to moisturize hair and add natural shine, while also preventing color oxidation..
  • Green Tea and Rosemary Extract act as antioxidants while also protecting hair from environmental stresses.
  • Eucalyptus rejuvenates the hair – invigorating the scalp and providing natural antibacterial and antiseptic protection.
  • Hair Warrior is free from parabans, glutens and formaldehyde and is a vegan friendly product.

Hair Warrior Leave-in Hydration Hair Fitness Treatment (Beauty for Moms)

List Price: $24.00 (6 oz. bottle)

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