Backpacks by Sydney Paige that keep you organized, PLUS give back to those in need


Backpacks by Sydney Paige that keep you organized, PLUS give back to those in need

Perfect-Sized Kids Backpack for Spring Travel is Two-for-One Winner in Fight Against Poverty

Growing up, I was surrounded by families who lived far below the median wage of the United States and that has always stayed with me.  Both of my parents worked hard to get their degrees (they were both first generation degree holders) and chose to work in the field of social work in Appalachia close to where they grew up.  Yes, the chose to stay in Appalachia to raise me and my siblings; my father worked in the area of health and human services (which had been previously called the ‘welfare department’) and my mom worked mostly in children’s services.  Even as a county director, my father did not make much money, but I knew he was proud of what he did and our family did not act any different than any other family in that area – in fact, we were taught to be extremely frugal.  We went to the public school systems in Morgan and Washington counties, shopped at Goodwill, and I knew to not ask for things unless it was Christmas or my birthday and I always knew what the price limit was on any gift.  I honestly did not realize that my family may actually be considered ‘middle class’ in an area with so much poverty until I was in high school and that my dad was personally responsible for many of the jobs in the area.  Shock!  Whether it was his own economic background or just who he was, my father was the family bank and the bank DID NOT waste any money on things he considered frivolous.  When I started making my own money in high school, I bought almost all of my clothes and was excited that I bought my own prom dress, but I was always quite frugal until I had my girls.

As an adult, I try to not be a penny-pincher, but I still try and use my money wisely, while realizing ‘it’s only money‘ and it’s a tough line to walk.  I studied economics for my undergraduate degree, so you think I’d know better, but understanding that money and success are two separate things in life was not an idea I understood so readily and I think I somehow got the wrong idea about the two somewhere down the line.  Having children made me realize that I want to give my children things, and I work hard to do that, while also giving them an appreciation for their life and experiences.  They go to better schools, wear better clothes, and have better opportunities than I did at their age, and they still have a long way to go before they are adults!  I am choosing to do that for them while understanding that better opportunities do not equate to ‘better people’ so my husband and I are doing our darndest to show our girls to be appreciative and give back to their communities.  I was taught to give back through many experiences growing up and there are many ways to do things together as a family to help others, especially in the area of poverty and we try and do those things together.

Perhaps the most difficult thing you can learn as a child is that you don’t fit in because you don’t have clothes or things that are ‘in style’.  I was made fun of for the clothes I wore, my Goodwill clothes showing age and shoes that weren’t the right brand.  I learned to brush it off but it still hurt at times, but by high school I learned to not care and material things still don’t matter very much to me personally now.  With that said, I know that it’s tough being a kid without having nice things and I enjoy being able to get things for my girls.  That is probably why I love what Sydney Paige is doing with her high-end back-packs at reasonable prices where each backpack you purchase, the same backpack goes to a child who lives in poverty.  It doesn’t solve income inequality or poverty on a mass scale – but it helps.  Children can be proud of their backpacks and build the confidence they need for a better education and life and those things are so important.

Your child can have a beautiful, right-sized Sydney Paige backpack with the uplifting awareness that together you’re helping a child in need increase their chance for a better education and life.  For every Sydney Paige backpack purchased, the company donates a matching, stylish bag filled with age-appropriate school supplies to a child in need.  Very awesome!  Your purchase will go to specific non-profit organization that you can stand behind.  It’s a wonderful way to get ready for the new school year in the fall and to teach your child that, while your family may be able to afford the nicer things in life, that others are not so fortunate, and they can learn how to help in ways like this.

Sydney Paige raises the bar on the entire buy/give market with a simple, unique and effective model:
•    The same, high-quality backpack bought is also donated — no cheap alternatives
•    Backpacks are filled with complete sets of age-appropriate school supplies
•    Customers can choose the non-profit to receive their matching bag and supplies

Sydney Paige bags are made with PVC-free material, 100 percent cotton canvas &/or natural leather and guaranteed to last the school year. You can choose from the perfectly sized Little Learners backpacks for little ones just starting their education adventure. The Young Explorers backpacks are sized just right for early elementary students, like my oldest daughter.  For older students, the World Changers laptop backpacks have great storage, compartments and accessories to fulfill every student’s needs.  Sydney Paige consistently challenges itself to raise the bar on the buy/give model. The company makes a difference in the lives of low income, school age children by helping to give them the tools, courage and confidence to learn and thrive in school, stay in school, and graduate.

SydneyYoung Explorers Valencia Backpack + Lunch Bag + Pencil Case

The Young Explorers Valencia Backpack combo comes with a matching lunch bag and pencil case.  You can purchase this backpack and choose an organization like Operation Homefront of Texas (our non-profit charity we selected to receive a matching backpack.)  For an extra fee, you can also personalize the backpack and lunch bag, too.  Let’s get involved at uplifting others when we can and, believe me, your children will learn through your family’s actions as they grow.  Another thought I want to include in this post as a side note is the importance of teaching children that the things we wear or have are just THINGS and it is way more important to be a good person to ourselves and others.

For every product sold, another is donated to a child in need w/ goal to give kids the tools & confidence to stay in school & graduate.

Backpacks by Sydney Paige that keep you organized, PLUS give back to those in need

List Price: $ 70.00 (Young Explorers Valencia Backpack Combo with all three items you see above!)

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