Teeny Tiny Toady (Hardcover)


Teeny Tiny Toady (Hardcover)

★ “Teeny is ‘toadally’ terrific . . . A triumphant reaffirmation of the truth that large hearts can beat in small chests.” – Kirkus Reviews, starred review

My driver’s license says I’m 5’4″, but I’m barely that tall – and it was an amazing growth spurt in high school where I finally reached above five foot in one year!  As a summer baby, I was used to not only being the shortest in my class, but also the skinniest.  I never really understood my nickname of ‘Bird Legs’ until one day while in middle school my friends and I were looking at our shadows on the gym door at recess and my legs did look like little sticks in comparison.  It always made me very self-conscious as a child, I was the thin wispy girl who could blow away if the wind turned harsh, and I didn’t start to embrace my body until I was much older!  It’s not unusual that both my young daughters have turned out teeny (Brooke, who has to get her pants hemmed she’s so skinny!) and tiny (Brie, who is short like me – they couldn’t even give me her height estimate at her two year appointment!), so I ‘toadally’ love the message that good things do come in small packages in a new Sterling book called Teeny Tiny Toady.

In Teeny Tiny Toady little toady sister, Teeny, is used to being the small one in the family.  She has two big and strong toad brothers that could always save the day with their muscle and might.  But, when tragedy strikes and her mama gets stuck in a bucket – she hops as fast as she can to the aid of her brothers to save their mom.  “Don’t you worry, kid. We’ll save her!” they promise, bumbling and stumbling and jumbling out the door. However, as the boys rush headlong to the rescue, pushing their little sister aside, it becomes clear: brawn isn’t always better than brains—and the smallest of the family may just be the smartest one of all.  The illustrations are beautiful and the lilting verse has lots of emotion, humor, and lots of girl (toad) power! Go Teeny, go!  This is a wonderful book for my teeny tiny family, and great for all families to accept and love their bodies as they are.

About the Author:  Jill Esbaum is the award-winning author of many picture books, including Elwood Bigfoot (Sterling), I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo!, and I Hatched! (both Penguin). She also enjoys writing a variety of nonfiction books for National Geographic Kids, including the popular Angry Birds Playground series. Jill lives on a farm in IA. Learn more at jillesbaum.com and picturebookbuilders.com.

About the Illustrator:  Keika Yamaguchi graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. A former Walt Disney Imagineering intern, she illustrated the children’s books Puddle Pug (Sterling), written by Kim Norman, and Sick of Being Sick (3DAL), written by Justin Sullivan. Visit Keika at keikashouse.com to see more of her work. She lives in La Crescenta, CA.

Teeny Tiny Toady (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 14.95 (Currently on sale for $12.20 through Amazon Prime)

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