“Meet You By The Moon” by The Que Pastas (Local Austin, TX Kindie Band!)


“Meet You By The Moon” by The Que Pastas (Local Austin, TX Kindie Band!)

Playing music for the kid in everyone.

If you are a local Austinite with kids who are into the kindie music scene, you KNOW The Que Pastas.  Whether you listen to KUTX 98.9 Spare the Rock, go to many local shows like at Strange Brew, or check out some of the awesome free concerts for families around town like the recent SXSW Rock & Read Family Event, you have witnessed the rockin’ band The Que Pastas.  As Austinites, we pride ourselves in being the live music capitol of the world and we support our local musicians.  It doesn’t matter if you are hanging out on the Dirty Sixth or going to kindie shows at Mueller Park, our children’s music artists are just as important as our out of town guests that flood Austin every year at ACL or SXSW.  In fact, as an Austinite family, I would say it’s even MORE important to support our local acts.  They are what makes Austin special and bands like The Que Pastas deliver every time.  That’s why I’m excited to talk about their new album called “Meet Your By The Moon” and to do a Q&A for local families who aren’t familiar with this band – YET.

Que  Rockin’ with the Locals!

“Meet You By The Moon” Track Listing:

  1. Lots of La 
  2. Llama 
  3.  Common Denominator
  4.  Obla Dobla Dee 
  5.  Rock ‘N’ Roll 2 Me 
  6.  Helen Eileen 
  7.  Book Lion 
  8.  Jim the Giant 
  9.  Saturday Morning 
  10.  Pet Alligator Named Jake 
  11.  Larry the Rhino 
  12.  Dream of Electric Robots

“Meet You By The Moon” starts off with a musical harmony that pleases the ears with a lot of LA LA LAs and quickly goes into track two ‘Llama’ about doing things for our friends, like building a rocket to the moon to see your star friends.  ‘Like rocking goes with a chair’ is one of the lyrics in this sweet song about friendship and going above and beyond for those we love.  This song somewhat sums up the meaning of “Meet You By The Moon” and the rocking continues with ‘Common Denominator’ which somehow brings math and love to a funky tune about how ‘you raise the common denominator’. ‘Obla Dobla Dee’ continues the alien and space theme and even has some sweet banjo jams.  ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll 2 Me’ is a great little ditty that talks about what rock and roll means and how everyone can join in on the fun.  My favorite song is the next track called ‘Helen Eileen’ which is an ode to a new baby before she arrives and all the things a father and mother wants to do with their child in their life.  It’s freakin’ adorable.  In fact, check out this video here to get the full affect of this tune.  My daughter loves the track ‘Book Lion’ because the lyrics say, ‘Nope, I’m not a book WORM, I’m a book LION!”  Love.  She definitely relates to it.  Our family also enjoyed the track ‘Jim the Giant’.  Since the BFG movie comes out this July (a book by Roald Dahl), we’ve been reading the book together, and we have a sort of giant-love going on in our house at the moment.  As an Austinite, you will love the lyrics to ‘Saturday Morning’ which gives a nod to several local locations around town. ‘Pet Alligator Named Jake’ and ‘Larry the Rhino’ are songs you can jump and move to about cool animals like having a PET alligator or a special birthday for a rhino who is having his 4+7 birthday (or 11th birthday, of course!).  The album closes with ‘Dream of Electric Robots’ about trying to get to sleep while your brain keeps running thinking about all the fun things you want to do like swimming around the world or, of course, electric robots.  It’s the perfect ending to a fun family album that gets kids and parents moving which I have come to expect from The Que Pastas.

So now I hope you have gotten a taste of the Austin kindie band, The Que Pastas.  BUT, if that isn’t enough, I was able to do a Q&A with Gene Davis of the band so you can learn a little more about this fun local family band!


Q&A with Gene Davis of The Que Pastas:

  1. The Que Pastas hit the local Austin music scene hard with the release of your 2013 album “Sunglasses” and now your latest album “Meet You By The Moon”.  What got you into the Austin kindie music scene and how has being an Austinite influenced your music?  I started playing kindie music in Denver about a year before I moved to Austin in 2012. I lucked out soon after moving to Austin in meeting Simon Flory, who became my main Que Pastas bandmate, and later Jody Suarez, our awesome drummer. I think for all of us, just being around so much great music in Austin makes us want to write and play the best songs possible. Austin is also a great place for a kindie band because there are so many younger, music-loving parents who want to pass along a love of music to their kids and go see shows. There is also a great infrastructure for kindie music in Austin with weekly free kid music concerts and Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child, the great kindie radio show on KUTX hosted by our friend, Bill.
  2. I love the song ‘Helen Eileen’ off your new album and I’d like to know a little bit more about the inspiration on writing the song about a new daughter being welcomed into the world by excited parents.  Do tell!  Waiting for your firstborn to be born is such a crazy experience! As the nine months went along, I transitioned from thinking more generally about having a child to making a list in my head of all the specific things I wanted to do with her when she was born. By about the eighth month, I was so ready (my wife even more so!) for her to get here already so we could start our life together. I wrote “Helen Eileen” in that impatient eighth month.
  3. What’s your favorite place to place in Austin?  Where can we find The Que Pastas playing on most weekends?  Cherrywood Coffeehouse and Strange Brew have been both been our second homes over the past few years. We play Strange Brew the third Saturday of every month, and we play Cherrywood Coffeehouse the third Sunday of every month. We love them both equally.
  4. Your band has done a lot of fun free concerts for families over the years.  Any upcoming kindie concerts we locals should know about?  Koo Koo Kangaroo is probably the most entertaining live kindie band around, and they are playing the Lamar Whole Foods on June 4. If you go you won’t be disappointed! In addition to our show this Saturday at Strange Brew, we are playing Friday night at KUTX Live at Mueller concert series, which should be great: http://kutx.org/live-events
  5. As an Austin parent to two young girls in a family of pseudo musicians, my husband and I understand the importance of getting kids into music through lyrics.  What or who inspires your songs?  The majority of the songs on “Meet You By The Moon” were inspired by Helen and my wife. Lucking out by marrying a great woman and having a baby pretty much made me just want to write love songs. I worked to make the “love songs” something that kids would still enjoy and not plug their ears over. Hopefully I succeeded! As for our other songs, inspiration is as varied as the weird train of thought you can have when you can’t fall asleep (Dream of Electric Robots) to how you automatically feel cooler when you put on sunglasses. What I love about kindie music is that inspiration for songs can be as weird and random as you want.   
  6. Tell my readers something about The Que Pastas that no one else knows.  Something juicy!  Literally 5 minutes before we started recording “Meet You By The Moon,” I got a call from my editor (I was a journalist by day) that our publication had lost funding and I was out of a job. Mind you, I had a baby on the way, so it was quite a terrifying experience to lose my main source of income. It all ended up working out great and for the best, but for those first days of recording, I was quietly having a panic attack.
  7. Just for fun, where are your favorite places to hang out in Austin with your family, other than the places sung about in your new song ‘Saturday Morning’?  We love getting tacos from TacoDeli and bringing them over next door to Houndstooth for a taco/latte combo on the weekends. We could literally live at Book People, and we love the Thinkery, too. We could spend days at The Flag Store, aka Hyde Park Market, because they have so much great, random stuff.

Thanks so much, Gene, for taking the time to do a Q&A for my readers.  We look forward to hearing and seeing you play around Austin and hope our local readers who didn’t know about the band now get inspired to go out and hear local live Austin music with their families!

Austinites!  Catch The Que Pastas at one of their many local and traveling live shows.  Here is their ‘shows‘ page on their website to keep up to date.

About The Que Pastas: The Que Pastas are a kindie (kid+indie=kindie) band based out of Austin.  Formed around the core of songwriter Gene Davis and multi-instrumentalist Simon Flory, The Que Pastas play 100+ shows a year at events that range from major festivals to small libraries. The Que Pastas released their debut album, “Sunglasses,” in 2013, and followed it up with “Meet You By The Moon” in 2016.  When not playing music for kids and their families alike, The Que Pastas are often found eating cereal and watching documentaries on Netflix.

“Meet You By The Moon” by The Que Pastas (Local Austin, TX Kindie Band!)


List Price: $ 9.99 (Available on iTunes and CD Baby HERE)

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