Doorstep Desserts Subscription Kit *Coupon Code Included*


Doorstep Desserts Subscription Kit

The Perfect Dessert Experience!

I’ve had a few interesting jobs between high school, college, and my eventual career and one of the most interesting ones was probably working at a ship center.  It was one of those pop-up places that people would bring in items to be packaged and shipped all over the world.  When it’s your job to be the packaging person, you see all kinds of odd and bizarre things that people send to one another.  Around the holidays, I would get slammed with orders and items to pack and one thing in particular stuck out to me after all these years.  While I was taking an order, a grandmother had several mason jars full of ingredients and had little notes on each jar.  She excitedly told me how she was sending her daughter and grandchildren her ‘special cookie’ recipe.  At the time I thought, “That’s a little odd”, but later when I was carefully packing up the glass jars to make sure they arrived safely, I read one of her labels and she had all the dry ingredients perfectly lined in each jar so that her daughter and grand-kids only had to add the wet ingredients and bake the cookies per her instruction.  “Wow!”, I thought, “That is brilliant!”  I never realized how over a decade later people would make their businesses by doing just that!

FullSizeRender  Our improvised Texas Star Cake Pops thanks to Doorstep Desserts!

Doorstep Desserts is a subscription dessert kit for fun and easy dessert recipes (red velvet cake pops, chocolate overload truffles, éclair cake, etc.) delivered directly to your door.  These dessert kits are a great activity to do with your kids and, of course, they taste great! My oldest daughter, Brooke and I, love to make things in the kitchen together.  We are sometimes able to cook dinners together and on the weekends we usually do breakfast together at least one day and usually a dessert on the other.  I was as excited to try out a few different recipes from Doorstep Desserts as much as she was interested in making and eating them.  We are definitely a good match as kitchen buddies!
We discovered Doorstep Desserts at the perfect time because our family just made our last big move into our new house and the kitchen is still only half-way unpacked.  Our usual arsenal of baking pans and accessories are in labeled boxes and not as easily accessible at the moment.  The way Doorstep Desserts work is that each week the company offers two different dessert kits at a time and they include everything you need to make your treat.  PERFECTO!  You can set up your subscription for bi-weekly, once a week, bi-monthly, or just once a month.  It’s just $15.00 per kit and Brooke and I decided to try a new recipe each week for the month of April and each week we got to choose between two recipes to be delivered right to our door.  Here’s how our month of cooking with Doorstep Desserts went:
velvet Red Velvet Cake Truffles
Week 1:  This week we were able to choose between Doorstep Dessert recipes of Red Velvet Truffles and Chocolate Covered Heart Cake Pops.  Brooke and I have made Cake Pops several times together, so we thought trying something new, like the Red Velvet Truffles, would be best.  After putting in our order, we waited patiently for the box to come to our doorstep.
FullSizeRender  Our version of the Red Velvet Truffles.  Yum!
The kit came in a beautifully decorated box and had the ingredients of red velvet cake, white buttercream, and a white donut glaze.  What we loved the most is that there was no baking involved!  That’s right, the cake came in separate packages and all we had to do was open them!  That was perfect.  That didn’t mean we didn’t get dirty; Brooke had to work the cake with her hands and combine it with the white buttercream.  After putting the red velvet concoction into little balls, we put them in the refrigerator to chill.  During that time, we had to heat up the glaze to put on the finishing touches.  It was a simple and fun way to get Brooke involved with making a dessert (with little kitchen damage in the process – Yay!) and what great results.
The package made 10-12 servings and had a ‘two-spoon’ difficulty rating out of five.  The instructions were similar to how we have made Cake Pops in the past and it was a great start to our weekly April Doorstep Dessert kits. While our version didn’t look as appetizing as the picture, Brooke LOVED them and was excited that she was able to make it herself!  Even little Brie tried one and has now been asking me for more ‘cake circles’ since she tried one…..sigh….so we may have to make some more soon.  Ha!
Eclair  Eclair Cake
Week 2: This week, Brooke and I chose to try our hand at the Éclair cake.  Éclair is one of the most favorite bakery treats and this one has a twist. The ingredients include all of the Éclair flavors mixed into one scrumptious cake that we were able to make in a “New York Style” yellow cake rounds that we split them in half and layered with Bavarian Cream. Brooke and I had a blast heating up our Chocolate Glaze to drizzle on top for a perfectly sweet treat.
IMG_9127 IMG_9128 IMG_9131 IMG_9136

The kit came in a beautifully decorated box and had ingredients of white cake, Bavarian Cream, and Chocolate Cream pie filling.  Yum!  The package made 2 Éclair Cakes (1/2 cake per person) and had a ‘two-spoon’ difficulty rating out of five.  Brooke had spent her day at school doing an entire day of Track and Field, so she had enough energy and hunger to eat her entire dinner and saved enough room to get about a quarter of her Éclair, and we lovingly wrapped up the rest to have for the next night.  So far, this has been Brooke’s and my favorite and you can see from her smile she was really happy with the results.  YUMMMMMMY.

Note this receipt contains: EGG, MILK, SOY, WHEAT

choco  Chocolate Strawberry Cake

Week 3: Is there anything more delicious than chocolate and strawberry together?  It’s one of my favorite combinations.  After looking at our options for Week 3, Brooke and I immediately chose together to try the Chocolate Strawberry Cake as our next Doorstep Dessert and we were both salivating at the picture.  The Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake is the perfect flavor combinations mixed into one scrumptious cake.
FullSizeRender FullSizeRender[1]  A very merry un-birthday to Brie!
The kit comes with two Chocolate cakes that you split in half, fill them with the included Strawberry Glaze, and then top the cakes with warm Chocolate Glaze.  It was truly scrumptious.  The package made 2 Chocolate Strawberry Cakes (1/2 cake per person) and had a ‘two-spoon’ difficulty rating out of five.  Brie, our youngest, was the most impressed with the cake and made us sing the ‘Happy Birthday” song about a million times while she had a slice.  For the record, it’s no one’s birthday, but I could see why she would expect it with this decadent cake.  Yummy!  This may have topped our Éclair Cakes, so we are excited to see what next (and final test) week brings!
Velvet   4 Layer Red Velvet Cake
Week 4:  Brooke and I were torn on which recipe we should have sent to us during our last week of our dessert deliveries.  Brooke insisted she wants to do the 4 Layer Red Velvet Cake and I said I’d like to try the Carrot Cake Truffles.  Ha!  In this case, Brooke trumps my vote, so the 4 layer Red Velvet Cake it is!  The last four weeks have flown by and I’m excited to post the entire review after our last delivery, so she’s probably right to do the 4 layer cake.  That should be a pretty spectacular looking creation for us as our final Doorstep Desserts creation for April!  YUM!
FullSizeRender  Our awesome creation!!!!
The kit comes with two red velvet cakes, white buttercream, and a white donut glaze.  It was truly scrumptious.  The kit includes all the ingredients to create a 4 Layer Red Velvet Cake that serves up to 4 people and had a ‘two-spoon’ difficulty rating out of five.  As Brooke and I have now become somewhat of Doorstep Desserts pros in our own right, we were able to make our cake within less than 20 minutes of the estimated time.  It looked spectacular, but as Brooke said, ‘it tastes even better than it looks!”
Final Thoughts:  The most fun I had in our month enjoying Doorstep Desserts was that my girls were way more excited about getting the package in the mail each week than I was, so it truly made this momma happy.  They always arrived on Thursday so the girls were READY.  Brooke wanted to help make the desserts and Brie wanted to eat them.  OK, the whole family wanted to eat our creations, but Brooke was really into making the designs perfect.  I think we ended up singing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song about a million times even though we are months off from any birthdays in our house, so it was hilarious.  I really loved how simple it was to make a tasty dessert with the girls and it was challenging enough for a kindergartner that she truly felt like she was making something very special.  Every single dessert turned out beautiful and tasty – and NO BAKING for us!  Just think of it – an almost homemade cake in the hot summer months without even having to turn on your oven.  I was impressed, my family was overjoyed, and I have a WHOLE LOTTA pictures to share from the experience.  Four spoons up!

Coupon Code! Doorstep Desserts is offering my readers a spring promotion with a discount code to use upon checkout at  Just use code “SPRING” to get 50% off on your order.  WOW!  Offer is good until June 19, 2016.

Share Your Creations!  Use the #MyDoorStepDessert on Facebook or Twitter to show off your culinary masterpiece!

Doorstep Desserts Subscription Kit

List Price: $15.00 per Kit (Pick Your Recipe!)

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