Butterflies in my Tummy: Charlie’s First Day of School (Video)


Butterflies in my Tummy: Charlie’s First Day of School (Video)

Parenting 2-5 year olds is a balancing act.

Charlie’s first day of school is coming up, and he doesn’t know what to expect.  The video starts with animation with Charlie’s mom talking to him and getting him ready for his first day of school the night before.  He lays out his clothes, his backpack is ready, and he has brushed and washed for the evening.  BUT – he has BUTTERFLIES IN HIS TUMMY!  His mother then reads him a book called “Charlie’s First Day of School” that shows what he will expect on his very first day.  You see real photographs of kids in school and it’s a very comforting message.

The next segment of this short video is shot in live action where you see Charlie going into school and meeting his teacher and knowing where to hang up his backpack.  When his mom leaves, he starts his day by meeting his classmates through circle time.  His teacher talks about herself and what the kids will do for the day.  It’s reassuring and a perfect way to help kids who have the jitters of starting their first day of school.  Through live action, animation, and original songs he learns that butterflies always fly away, and it’s time for Charlie to grow his wings and start to fly into a new world of learning.  Butterflies in my Tummy: Charlie’s First Day at School features Birmingham kids and original songs.  It’s a well-thought out and thorough e-mail in a surprisingly 10 minute video duration!  I highly recommend to parents with children who are making their first leap into pre- and primary school.  Awesome.

Video Specs:
Resolution: 720p
Audio: Stereo
Size: 124 MB
Duration: 10 minutes

About the Creator:  Training Wheels Needed was born to help parents navigate all of the “firsts” they will encounter during their children’s earliest years. As an innovative Early Childhood Educator and a mother, Rachel Raybin has created simple ways to guide you successfully on the journey of raising your children. When sprinkled with a little fairy dust, these ideas can transform a challenging situation into a positive experience.

Check out the trailer!  Here’s the trailer for Butterflies in my Tummy.

Butterflies in my Tummy: Charlie’s First Day of School (Video)


List Price: $ 4.99

Note: you’ll receive an email to download the video after you complete your purchase.

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