Punk Skunks (Hardcover)


Punk Skunks (Hardcover)

Join two rockin’ punk skunks in a fun story about friendship.

Kit and Buzz are BSFs—Best Skunks Forever. Dig it!  Rock on! These two skunk friends do everything together and they also have their own punk band.  Everything is awesome until one day they try and write a song together.  But neither friend wanted to write the same song.  Kit wants to sing a song about skating and Buzz wants to sing a song about painting, and the BSFs get into a HUGE fight!  Will these skunks be able to play together again?

This story made me laugh while reading to my girls for one very hilarious reason.  I could SO see myself in the Punk Skunks.  I was in all sorts of bands in high school and while some groups collaborated well, others….let’s just say not so much.  Apparently some musicians think their ideas are better than the others, so it’s not really a huge wonder why so many high school bands fizzle out!  However, true friends don’t let anything come between them – even their music – and Kit and Buzz learn that trying to hum, drum, or strum on their own isn’t as fun without their BSF.  The two friends decide to collaborate on a brand new song and the Punk Skunks are back in business!

I really like the Punk Skunks book which was a debut picture book by Trisha Speed Shaskan who teamed up with her husband who illustrated the book.  As a family who loves music, we always like to read books that have musically inclined characters.  Brooke is also at a great age to start to really understand that while friends can have differences, they can easily make amends and remain BFF or BSF, so it hits a very poignant subject in her everyday life as a student with lots of peers.  Dig it?  Rock on!

About the Author:  Trisha Speed Shaskan has an MFA in creative writing. Trisha has been an educator, bookseller, and has worked in a library. For fun, she loves playing the drums with her husband, Stephen, who plays guitar. Their love of music inspired this book.  Visit her at www.trishaspeedshaskan.com.

About the Illustrator:  Stephen Shaskan graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in illustration. Stephen is an author, illustrator, an early childhood educator, and a music maker. He lives in Minneapolis with his wife, Trisha Speed Shaskan, and their cat, Eartha, and dog, Bea.

Punk Skunks (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 17.99  (Currently available at Amazon.com for $ 13.49)

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