A Western Adventure Album CD/DVD Combo by The Okee Dokee Brothers (All Ages) *Grammy Winner*


A Western Adventure Album CD/DVD Combo by The Okee Dokee Brothers (All Ages) *Grammy Winner*

Available May 13th, 2016!

Has it already been another two years?  Wow.  Time sure flies when you have young children.  It seems like only yesterday I did a review on The Okee Dokee Brothers second highly anticipated album in their Adventure series on the Appalachian trail called “Through the Woods” and just two years prior to that I wrote about their first GRAMMY-award winning album “Can You Canoe?”  back in 2012.  These award-winning albums are dedicated through the ‘brothers’ travels throughout the United States, from paddling a canoe on the Missisippi to hiking the Appalachian travel, Joe Mailander and Justin Lansing’s latest trip was spent having 30-days on horseback riding along the Continental Divide to create “A Western Adventure Album.” They lived to tell many interesting tales through song and video about getting outside and exploring our world and it’s highly educational and entertaining.

Continental Divide of the Americas

Most geographical divides are due to natural borders in our lands and the Great Divide is from hydrological divisions alongside the Rocky Mountains and the Andes.  Beginning at the Cape Prince of Wales, Alaska, and ending into western New Mexico in the United States, the Great Divide it continues into South America where it lands in eastern Chile.  The Continental Divide Trail (CDT) follows the Divide through the U.S. from the Mexican border to the Canadian border and is made up of pathways on or near the Continental Divide’s watersheds and up to 30% of the trail is still considered unfinished and must be traveled on roadwalking paved or dirt roads.  This 3,100 mile trail covers the five U.S. states of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana between the Mexican and Canadian borders and this wilderness trail includes several National Parks including Rocky Mountain.

Saddle Up!

Joe and Justin’s friendship and musical bond took them on the Great Divide’s trail for a month-long trip on horseback and the folk and bluegrass album is filled with western stories of friendship and life on the trail.  The album has lots of fun featured musicians from John Sebastian (The Lovin’ Spoonful) to Asleep at the Wheel’s Cindy Cashdollar.  There is plenty of folklore and camping stories to last you all summer and our family’s favorites include the free-range song called “Don’t Fence Me In’ and the funny tale of “The Legend of Tall Talkin’ Sam.”  Though the music and lyrics will keep you mesmerized, it’s hard to forget that The Okee Dokee brothers do more than just tickle your ear.  Remember, this isn’t just a musical trip, the duo are famous for their albums’ videos and “Saddle Up” made it’s big screen debut at the Riverview Movie Theater in Minneapolis on May 7 and will begin streaming on Netflix on June 1.  If our girls weren’t ready for summer before hearing Saddle Up!, they sure are now and we are excited to see what adventures await us this year!  Check it out and the brothers have been a GRAMMY favorite so I imagine big things are in store for this album during the next awards season.

A Western Adventure Album Track Listing

  1. Saddle Up
  2. Don’t Fence Me In
  3. Cow Cow Yippee
  4. The Great Divide
  5. Jackalope (with Jim Campilongo)
  6. One Horsepower
  7. The Legend of Tall Talkin’ Sam (with Rosie Newton)
  8. Hard Road to Travel
  9. Shootin’ Star (with Cindy Cashdollar)
  10. Sister Moon and Brother Sun (with The Benally Family)
  11. Good Old Times
  12. Lead a Horse to Water (with John Sebastian)
  13. Somos Amigos (con Carlos Medina)
  14. The Grass is Always Greener
  15. Last Lullaby


Check it out!  An Okee Dokee Brothers book will be available for purchase on May 17 through Sterling Publishing that captures all three of the adventures from Saddle Up, Can You Canoe?, and Through the WoodsCan You Canoe? And Other Adventure Songs is currently available through pre-order for a discount through Barnes and Noble and includes a compilation CD aimed at inspiring families to get out and explore.  Yee-haw!

Video!  @OkeeDokeeBros video “Jackalope” debut recebtly as the first single in their new album Saddle Up! Check it out HERE.

Saddle Up! Tour Dates:

  • Thurs., Apr. 14 / Midwest Theater / Scottsbluff, NE
  • Sat., Apr. 16 / A&S Auditorium at University of Wyoming / Laramie, WY
  • Sun., Apr. 17 / Swallow Hill Music / Denver, CO
  • Mon., Apr. 18 / Heginbotham Auditorium at Holyoke High School / Holyoke, CO
  • Thurs., Apr. 23 / Grand Tetons National Park / Wyoming
  • Fri., May 6 / Reif Center / Grand Rapid, MN
  • Sat., May 7 / ‘Saddle Up’ Movie Premiere at Riverview Movie Theater / Minneapolis, MN
  • Sun., May 15 / Baum Walker Hall at Walton Arts Center / Fayetteville, AR
  • Thurs., May 19 / WYO Theater at UNPLUG Fest / Sheridan, WY
  • Sat., May 21 / Fitzgerald Theater ‘Saddle Up’ Album Release Concert / St. Paul, MN
  • Sat., June 4 / Barnes and Noble In-Store / New York, NY
  • Thurs., June 16 / Heart and Soul Concert at Denver University / Denver, CO
  • Sat., June 18 / Barnes and Noble In-Store / Washington D.C.
  • Sat., June 18 / SiriusXM Campfire Sing Out / Washington D.C.
  • Sun., June 19 / AMP by Strathmore / North Bethesda, MD
  • Sat., July 2 / Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center / Spicer, MN
  • Sat., July 2 / Minnesota Zoo Overnight Camp Out / Apple Valley, MN
  • Fri., July 8-Sun., July 10 / Winnipeg Folk Fest / Winnipeg, MB
  • Sat., July 16 / RiverSong Music Fest / Hutchinson, MN
  • Sun., July 17 / Hennepin Church / Minneapolis, MN
  • Sat. and Sun. Aug. 6 – 7 / Big Top Chautauqua / Bayfield, WI (opening for The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band)
  • Sat., Aug. 13 / Richland Library / Columbia, SC
  • Sat., Aug. 20 / Georgetown Church of Christ / Georgetown, TX

A Western Adventure Album CD/DVD Combo by The Okee Dokee Brothers (All Ages) *Grammy Winner*


List Price: $ 25.00 (Pre-Order on iTunes and Amazon)

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