Catch a Kiss (Hardcover)


Catch a Kiss (Hardcover)

This silly and tender story is a universal one of a parent’s love.

Mother’s Day has taken on a new meaning for me as my girls grow older.  My oldest, Brooke, loves to write and draw me pictures with “MOM” scribbled over each one.  We are both unapologetic ‘snugglers’ who love to steal each others’ blankets and read book after book before bed or on a rainy day together.  My youngest, Brie, the smart and sassy toddler that she is, pretends to disdain kisses while pouting loudly if we don’t scoop her up and say, “I LOVE YOU!” and give her a huge kiss when we see her.  Mother’s Day has turned from ‘daddy making mommy gifts from the kids’ to the kids making homemade cards and drawings that they have made themselves.  As the day inches closer and closer, we loved reading “Catch a Kiss”, a new book by Deborah Diesen (“The Pout-Pout Fish” author) all about a mom’s love for her daughter.

In “Catch a Kiss”, mama and her young daughter, Izzie, are playing their favorite kiss-catching game.  You know, the one where you kiss your palm and blow your kiss to your lovies for them to ‘catch’.  My daughters and I play the same game but with a twist.  We pretend to catch the kiss with our hands and then EAT them and say, “YUMMY KISSES!”  Ha!  In the book, Izzie is always able to run and catch her mama’s kisses until she realizes one day that she MISSED her mama’s kiss!  It flew away, higher and higher into the sky, with Izzie’s heart sinking when she realizes that she won’t be able to get it.  That is, until her mama tells her a very adorable secret about kiss catching.  No matter how far a mom’s kiss goes, it will always come and find the child who was meant to have it.  Always!  It’s a sweet read and especially perfect for all mommas who will be celebrating their own special Mother’s Day.  Unlike a mom’s kiss, you have to find and catch this book because it won’t be able to find you…….but it’s well worth the trip.  XO.

Don’t Forget!  Mothers Day is Sunday, May 8, 2016.


About the Author:  Deborah Diesen is the “New York Times” bestselling author of “The Pout-Pout Fish”, named by “Time Magazine” as one of the Ten Best Children s Books of 2008, and “The Pout-Pout Fish in the Big-Big Dark”. Diesen grew up in Midland, Michigan, and started writing poems at a young age. She has worked as a bookseller and a librarian, and now works for a small nonprofit organization, but her greatest joy comes from writing for children. She lives with her family in Grand Ledge, Michigan.

About the Illustrator:  Kris Aro McLeod is an expert kiss-catcher and hugger.  When she is not in her studio you can find her whipping something up in her kitchen, hiking a pine-scented trail or under a blanket with a good book.  Kris lives in Davis, California.  She has two great kids and a furry monster named Pippa.

I Am a Reader page by Sleeping Bear Press!  Check out this link that includes includes helpful information about beginning reading strategies, story introductions, activities, and tips to help children learn to read.

Catch a Kiss (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 15.99 (On Sale through Amazon Prime for $ 14.56)


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