The Book of Everyone (Personalized Book for Mother’s Day)


The Book of Everyone (For Mother’s Day)

Personalized Book for the Special People in your Life! Mothers Day, Sunday, May 8, 2016!

The Book of Mom – A unique gift for Mom for her SPECIAL DAY!

Mema4  Personalized books and unique gifts for your loved ones, made by a talented team of creatives!

So far 2016 has been a year of change and a year of ‘what the heck day is it?’ almost every morning.  When we purchased our first house at the beginning of January, it has been like I’m the main contestant in a lightening round of some make-shift American game show where there are no cash prizes and only time-ticking deadlines that I’m trying my best to ‘beat’.  When I realized that Mother’s Day was coming up, I wasn’t thinking about it as a ‘momma’ myself.  I was thinking about the day as a daughter and daughter-in-law, and holy crap, what was I going to do for my Me Mummer and Mema (the nicknames for Bob’s and my mothers)?  I had already ‘forgotten’ my own mom’s birthday in February (no judgment here, I’ve already gone through the guilt and came back on the other side!), since I was so busy with organizing and packing for our move and it was almost two weeks later when I realized her birthday had come and gone.  It was the first time in my life that has happened.  I felt terrible.  What was happening to me?  On top of that, I have somehow become the organizer of Bob’s family’s days and events, so I knew I had to get something for his mom, our Mema, from all of us and somehow get it signed, seal, and delivered to Ohio by May 8.  It had to be personal, it had to be special, and it had to be on TIME.  GULP!  Luckily, just in the nick of time I learned about the website where you can personalize the perfect book for your mum and I rushed through trying to make sure each page would be special and to her liking.  We have a winner, folks!

Mema5 Mema6  Unique pages and the (free digital copy) with a purchase of the book!

The Book of Everyone is a fun and fabulously original personalized book that you can make all about your mom. This special edition book is available in both US and UK editions (using words such as petrol vs. gas for example), so be sure to use the correct version (I discovered by mistake that the company so nicely corrected!) that you can create just for your mom to make it original, touching and entertaining.  It’s SUPER fast to make and free to preview and it can come in paperback, hardcover, special edition and each version includes a digital copy.  With a special cover design, beautifully crafted artwork, unique customization pages such as ‘Scientifically Proven Best Mom (aka Mema) in the World’, this is a feel-good celebration of the wonderful person who brought my hubby into the world and who is a lovely MIL and ‘mema’ to my daughters.  As soon as I had it made, I breathed a sign of relief that I was not only able to get a Mother’s Day gift that was fab for my MIL, it was also going to be delivered ON TIME.  WHEW. Priceless!

Not just for Moms!  The Book of Everyone can come in versions for Dad, your romantic partner, and just about anyone you can think of in your life.  We love The Book of Mom so much that I’m going to keep this in mind for future family gifts and try my darnedest to not forget anyone’s special day again.  Yay!

About the Book of Everyone:  The Book of Everyone was founded by three ex-advertising creative directors who worked tirelessly for international brands around the globe. Their aim was to take all that they loved from the industry and inject it into a new project.  They are a British company with a creative hub in Barcelona, a group of creatives, designers and technologists that are realizing this dream.  Steve, on the birth of his son Saul, bought the papers and magazines as a keepsake for Saul to enjoy when he was older.  This sparked the idea of harnessing the power of the internet to create a keepsake around anyone in seconds.  Read more about their staff on their ‘About Us‘ page to learn how they use their bottomless trove of wondrous and useless facts and the work of the most creative, talented artists and illustrators to create a one-of-a-kind, 50-page personalized book about anyone you choose, in seconds. It’s free to try, easy to use and it makes the perfect, unique gift. ….Because everyone deserves a book with their name on the cover.

The Book of Everyone (For Mother’s Day)

List Price: $38.50 (Paperback)


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