Eww Gross from Identity Games


Eww Gross from Identity Games

Home of the beloved Find It Game. The Find It® hidden object game is a bright colored, educational Contained Adventure for all ages!

If I wasn’t immune to being ‘grossed out’ after growing up with my older brother, I have definitely left any squeamish feelings behind after having two kids.  If poop, potty-training, and boogers does it for you, I highly recommend having a toddler in the house!  Ha.  I will tell you right now that any feelings that girls are not into things that are gross, especially in early elementary school, it’s a complete myth.  Brooke laughs at things like farts, barf, or any sort of toilet humor with her classmates and I’ve decided that it wasn’t just an anomaly growing up in my house – kid’s just think those things are funny.  Perhaps they suppress it or grow out of it when they are older, but I certainly know my share of adults that are still right there at Brooke’s level and Identity Games has a new and interesting game that is not only great to keep young kids focused and concentrating, it also has a fun element of being…..GROSS!


Wisely titled Eww Gross from Identity Games in their Find It Games group, this “contained adventure” game is a portable treasure hunt that Brooke absolutely loves.  In every version of the Find It® game, you will find brightly colored pellets plus 40 or so small items that follow a specific theme.  The items are listed on top of the game for easy reference and some are easy to find; while others are quite a bit harder.  Players can twist, spin, shake or tap the filled container to spot the hidden items.  It may SOUND easy, but it’s actually quite a challenge for any age to play.

While there are many versions of the Find It® Games, “Eww Gross” is especially captivating to Brooke’s age group because it focuses on everyday items that spark a reaction of disgust.  I’ve learned that kids love discussing the attributes of smelly sneakers or farts, so why not give them a way to play a game of focus and concentration (which are key traits for a healthy future) in a way that they will laugh and say, “eww gross” in a delightfully hilarious way.

Eww2  Some of the ‘treasures’ you can find in the Find It game “Eww Gross”

Is that a “booger” next to the “ear wax”?  “Eww, Gross”! version of the Find It® Game is an educational game for 1 or 2 players ages 6 and up.  In this newest edition of Find It®, kids can search for 40 Gross items in a sea of colored pellets.  Package includes the Find It® Eww Gross game, playing cards and the Ways to play. While this has already provided Brooke several hours of fun and searching, she has yet to discover a possible hidden ‘sparkly poo’ item in her “Eww Gross” game.  Yes, in certain “Eww Gross” games, it is possible that they contain an extra piece where you can win some great prizes from Find It Games!  We are not yet sure if our game has this extra piece, so Brooke will keep searching until she either finds it or realizes our game doesn’t have the ‘sparkly poo’.  Yup, it’s gross, it’s fun, and it is definitely entertaining.  I highly recommend “Eww Gross” for families that have little ones that love the gross out factor.  I know we can’t be the only ones!  Ha!


Not a Gross Out Fan?  Remember, if you like the idea of one of these concentration-inducing fun games but “Eww Gross” isn’t for you, just visit the Find It games website and find another version like “Find It America” or “Find It Wildlife!”

Eww Gross from Identity Games


List Price: $19.95


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