Aaron Nigel Smith “One” Reggae for the Whole Family!


Aaron Nigel Smith “One” Reggae for the Whole Family!

New Album of Original and Classic Songs Available on April 22nd

Who is Aaron Nigel Smith?

Aaron Nigel Smith (from PBS KIDS Emmy Award-winning show Between the Lions) and his wife, Diedre, have been managing 1World Chorus, a collaboration of children ages seven to eighteen years of age from Kenya, Colombia, the United States and Jamaica, since 2009.   Their message is to “Unite & Empower Kids Through Music” and I was very impressed and reviewed the Bob Marley tribute album called “Celebrating Bob Marley” last April.  I am so excited to share Aaron’s latest recording of Jamaican and African folk songs in this lovely reggae album for families called “One.”

One Love

It’s fitting that Aaron’s new album’s second track is a perfect rendition of Bob Marley’s classic song, “One Love.”Aaron Nigel Smith has been working for over fifteen years to educate, entertain and empower youth around the world through music.  This eleven track album has some amazing special guests including reggae music icon, Ernie Smith along with appearances by Dubtonic Kru, Ras I, and Grammy Award-winning children’s music performers Father Goose and Tommy Shepherd (Alphabet Rockers).  The songs flow so well together and the lyrics take you on a trip that gets you right in the heart.  Our favorite track is called “Take Time in Life” which gives you a gently nudge to appreciate life’s every moment which is really the soul of the album’s overall message.  Aaron’s universal message of peace and love is both inspiring and beautiful and has been on repeat in our house since we started listening to it.  It’s hard not to dance and feel good when you have “One” playing in the background.  Be sure to watch Aaron’s YouTube channel where he will begin to debut videos from the album soon!

Track Listing

  1. Dance to the Reggae Rhythm
  2. One
  3. Banana Bread
  4. Loving & Kind
  5. Natty Dreadlocks
  6. Jamaican Market Place
  7. Take Time in Life
  8. Seasons
  9. Clouseau
  10. Hammer
  11. Oh, Island in the Sun

Check it out!  Aaron’s annual Rox in Sox music and reading festival will take place in Portland, OR on Saturday, July 30.  Check out Aaron’s website for more information on how to attend the event below.

Aaron Nigel Smith “One” Reggae for the Whole Family!


List Price: $ 5.00

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