Goose Goes to the Zoo (Hardcover)


Goose Goes to the Zoo (Hardcover)

Join Sophie and Goose in an all-new adventure!

Sophie and Goose are best friends and, in like an earlier Goose book, Sophie is worried that Goose gets lonely while she’s at school. Unlike the last book, Sophie knows Goose can’t come with her to school, so she thinks Goose needs a new friend.  Sophie wants Goose to find another friend to play with, but where could he find one?  How about the zoo?!  The two take an exciting trip to the zoo to meet some new friends. But wait! What’s all that noise?


These animals are nothing like Goose.  They can’t fly, some are a little BORING, and some want to have Goose for lunch!  That is – until they hear a familiar sound, “HONK! HONK!”  Young readers will laugh along as Sophie and Goose have a blast at the zoo in this delightful story from Laura Wall and the discovery that goose can find the perfect friend or friends he can play with while Sophie is at class.  Yay!

About the Author and Illustrator:  Laura Wall is an award-winning author and illustrator living beside the sea in Devon, UK. She’s best known for her series of watercolors, “Love at the Seaside,” which is inspired by the beautiful Devon and Cornwall coastline. Laura paints with pen and watercolor in a quirky and whimsical style.

Goose Goes to the Zoo (Hardcover)

List Price: $12.99 (Currently on sale for $ 9.93 at Amazon Prime)

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