Kenya’s Art (Hardcover)


Kenya’s Art (Hardcover)

Kenya’s prepared to teach her whole class how to Recycle! Reuse! Make Art!

Brooke went to a Fantastic Magic Camp over the Christmas holiday break and she learned how to make puppets out of different materials.  I think since she attended she has made no less than twenty different puppets out of things like toilet paper rolls and boxes from our recycle bin or items that could have gone to a landfill.  Not only has she made these different puppets, she uses them to entertain us!

Puppets  Brooke’s Puppet Show!

The book Kenya’s Art is all about a young girl using old or broken items to make art with her family and writing about it for a paper for school about what she did on her spring vacation.  Her visit to a museum recycling exhibit and a walk around her neighborhood with her dad inspires Kenya to start making her own art to reuse and recycle materials into something beautiful.  We immediately began discussing how Brooke did the same with her puppet making which was a great way to tie in the story to her life.  Brooke really liked that!  I love books that spark creativity and talk about important issues like helping to reduce our carbon imprint on the earth.  Kenya’s was able to present her paper to her class and was able to share her new hobby with her classmates.  This was a perfect and original story that excited Brooke about her new hobby of making puppets with reusable materials.  We are going to check out another Kenya book by Trice now called Kenya’s Song, too.  Love!

About the Author:  Linda Trice is an author, professor, and professional speaker. Her books include Kenya’s Song, also featuring Kenya and her family, and Charles Drew: Pioneer of Blood Plasma (McGraw-Hill). A native of Brooklyn, she now lives in Manhattan, New York.

About the Illustrator:  Hazel Mitchell has illustrated several books for children, including Imani’s Moon,Hidden New Jersey, and One Word Pearl. She is both author and illustrator of the forthcoming Toby (Candlewick).

About Charlesbridge Publishing:  ‘Books for Young Readers’.  Charlesbridge Publishing is a Watertown, Massachusetts independent publisher of children’s books for ages 0-14.  Charlesbridge first started publishing in 1989 and their very first books were alphabet books on nature.  Check out more of their alphabet books, as well as their entire catalog, here on their website.

Kenya’s Art (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 16.95 (Currently on sale for $15.03 at

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