Teddy Bear Addition (McGrath Math)


Teddy Bear Addition (McGrath Math)

Big bears sort, count, and add tiny teddies in this companion book to the popular McGrath Math series.

Let me start off by saying that I really enjoyed reading this book to Brooke and going over all the math concepts with her.  Score one for great math books for kids who are in primary school!  As a kindergartner, she is doing almost all of the math concepts introduced in the book at school, so it was a great way to reinforce things like greater than, less than and equal to as well as single digit addition.  We have been using her teddy bear manipulatives (see a similar set here on Amazon) since Brooke was in preschool to learn about counting and sorting, so the book was a nice way to continue that conversation to build on math skills she has established.  Each page has the illustrations of bears in bright bold colors with catchy speech bubbles that accompany addition in single-digit and double-digit numbers from numbers one to fifty.  While Brooke just started doing double digit addition in school, the discussion in the book on how to borrow numbers from the tens column was a perfect introduction on how to subtract larger numbers.  I realize how important it is for young children to understand fundamental math and this was a fun way to talk about Brooke’s new skills in addition.  If you loved this book, be sure to check out McGrath’s other McGrath Math books in her series, such as Teddy Bear Patterns and Teddy Bear Subtraction.

About the Author:  Barbara Barbieri McGrath was a nursery school teacher before she dedicated herself to writing children’s books full time. She is the author of The Little Gray Bunny, The Little Red Elf, and many bestselling math concept books. Barbara lives in Natick, Massachusetts.  Barbara authors the McGrath Math series that helps young children acquire fundamental math skills.

About Charlesbridge Publishing:  ‘Books for Young Readers’.  Charlesbridge Publishing is a Watertown, Massachusetts independent publisher of children’s books for ages 0-14.  Charlesbridge first started publishing in 1989 and their very first books were alphabet books on nature.  Check out more of their alphabet books, as well as their entire catalog, here on their website.

Teddy Bear Addition (McGrath Math)


List Price: $ 17.95 (Currently $7.95 on Amazon.com)


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