Frankencrayon (Hardcover)


Frankencrayon (Hardcover)

Ingenuity and surprise rule in this funny and colorful companion to Red: A Crayon’s Story!

I did a review in February of last year on Michael Hall’s Red: A Crayon’s Story, which is a big favorite in our household.  I was delighted that Michael Hall wrote and illustrated a new crayon-themed book and my oldest daughter and I sat down at once to read this book from beginning to end.  Michael Hall’s stories are always interesting and deal with lots of emotions and Frankencrayon is no different.  I was actually quite surprised to find that what seemed like a silly story at the beginning turn into a wonderful story about accepting yourself and others in a way that is smart and appealing to kids.

In Frankencrayon, the crayons are ready to tell the thrilling tale of an unusual crayon that is made up of three different colors.  The crayons are truly excited about their play where each one has a costume, a special role to play, and the pages of their book were all set.  UNTIL.  Yes, until someone has SCRIBBLED ON ALL THE PAGES and the picture book MUST BE CANCELED.  But maybe they can fix the mess?  The crayons try to fix the scribble, but end up making it worse!  What a disaster.  But, the three crayons playing the title role of Frankencrayon (who were not told the book had been canceled) have a solution – talk to the scribble and find out what he has to say.  It turns out that the scribble is a lovely personality who just needs help leaving the pages.  While the scribble seems to have been caused by a Mad Scientist (that the crayons decided to drop from their play – tsk tsk), the crayons learned several lessons on the importance of inclusion and problem-solving.  Oh, and never try to unscribble a scribble by scribbling on it.  It just gets quite messy in the end – even if the mess is a sweet and wonderful thing.

Hall’s artwork is adorable and clever and his knack for storytelling with a beautiful message continues in Frankencrayon.  Sometimes beauty comes from the places you least expect.  However, I have come to expect such loveliness from Hall.  Well done!

Psst!  Want to read more Michael Hall children’s books?  Check out My Heart Is Like a Zoo and It’s an Orange Aardvark!   Awesome reads.

Frankencrayon (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 17.99 (Currently on sale at for $ 13.91)

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