‘Michael and the Rockness Monsters’ Preschool of Rock’s Michael Napolitano Band Debut


‘Michael and the Rockness Monsters’ Preschool of Rock’s Michael Napolitano Band Debut

Bringing the love, music, and rock to kids of all ages.   Drops February 26, 2016!


If you haven’t heard of Michael Napolitano yet, chances are you do not live in the NJ/NY area where his widely popular program ‘Preschool of Rock’ has been honing Michael’s performing, teaching, writing, and developing style for nearly a decade.  The next logical step for this father of two was to create and now release his own album in his musical career called ‘Michael and the Rockness Monsters.’  Michael has already helped foster the love of music in thousands of children and now he is getting ready to expand his reach so get ready to rock out world to his awesome tunes.

Like many of us parents who love kindie music, it all started at home when Michael was a boy.  His father was a drummer and as a son of a touring musician, he was heavily influenced by the musical arts.  He has performed and toured with various artists in the last ten years, including the Blue Man Group (which my family recently saw here in Austin – AMAZING!), and his new album is fun, catchy, and has super fun lyrics for the entire family to enjoy.  Michael has his own unique style and having two young children (two daughters, like us, who are 6 and 8) you can feel the kid-focused music comes directly from the heart.

The tone of the album presents itself as loose with a warm, sunny energy. This is playful and honest music that comes from the heart. Music lovers might hear the influence of the Beach Boys, Tom Petty and Phish, all of which have inspired Michael’s musical style. There is a sweet and noble message present throughout the album which is about keeping the fun and beauty in life a priority and not letting the grind of the everyday world distract you- excellent subject matter for all ages. Older children will likely find much to grasp onto lyrically as many of the songs touch on some of the bigger issues that they face as they begin to grow up and see the world happening around them. Michael’s own experiences with his daughters, now 6 and 8, served as inspiration for including this new observation in his writing. (from the official press release.)

Michael 3

Track Listing

  1. Pirate Song
  2. Rock It!
  3. Fisherman
  4. Cosmic Vacation
  5. Dinosaur Haircut
  6. Pretty Little World
  7. In A Band
  8. Single Digits
  9. Micemaker
  10. If I Were An Octopus
  11. Farm Dream
  12. Mr. Zizowe
  13. Humming Song

I’d describe this album as ‘sunny’, with easy to listen to songs that not only make my daughters laugh, they make them groove.  There are so many hooks and repetitive choruses that kids and adults can sing along on the very first spin.  It’s fun, it’s sweet, and I really dig Michael’s voice which is definitely distinct.  Younger listeners will get a kick out of the funniest songs on the album; “Pirate”, “Farm Dreams”, “Rock It” and Dinosaur Haircut”, while older children will be transformed into some fun lyrical places in songs like “Pretty Little World” and “Cosmic Vacation.”  My personal favorite is “Fisherman” because it reminds me of when I was young sitting in a little boat with my dad and grandpa not really catching fish (and if that happened, they would throw them back in the water!), it was just about hanging out and spending time with the family.  If you are looking for a fun family-friendly album, check out ‘Michael and the Rockness Monsters’ and you will love it as much as our family.  Let the national touring begin!

Check it out!  Video Premiere of Michael and the Rockness Monsters “Pirate Song”

‘Michael and the Rockness Monsters’ Preschool of Rock’s Michael Napolitano Band Debut


List Price: $ 9.99 (Available on iTunes and Amazon)



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