The Blue Man Group Performs at Austin’s the Long Center REVIEW! Get your Tickets Today (Local Austin, TX)


The Blue Man Group Performs at Austin’s the Long Center REVIEW! Get your Tickets Today (Local Austin, TX)

The Long Center for the Performing Arts is located in Downtown Austin, TX. For Austin Event Listings or More Information, Call or Visit Us Today! (512)474-5664

The Long Center Presents the world-famous, one-of-a-kind BLUE MAN GROUP, December 26-27 in Dell Hall.

The Christmas holidays are racing towards us at a fast speed which means one thing for my husband and I.  What the heck are we going to do with our kids during their school break!  Our girls are both HIGH energy which they can easily burn off at school, but with Bob and I being in our 30s and 40s, we can barely keep up with their free-wheeling activities.  I am always on the lookout for something unique, something Austin-esque, and something fun for the whole family to enjoy when we get any down time.

Get ready for Blue Man Group to thrill Austin with its high-octane theatrical experience!  Have you heard of the Blue Man Group?  My first encounter was hearing about their Las Vegas show when Bob and I first went sans kids.  It really is an escape from the ordinary and you are able to surround yourself in an explosion of comedy, music, and technology. If you’ve never seen Blue Man Group, it’s a must-see. If you’re already a fan, don’t miss it.  The best part?  The Blue Man Group’s shows are ALL AGES so there is no excuse to not bring the entire family!

The New York Times heralds the show as “One of the most delightful performance pieces ever staged.” E! Entertainment News exclaims, “BLUE MAN GROUP is what every live performance aspires to be.” The Baltimore Sun raves, “Blue Man Group packs a wallop. It’s a big, loud, funny, silly, visually arresting production!”


With no spoken language, BLUE MAN GROUP is perfect for people of all ages, languages, and cultures. BLUE MAN GROUP is now on the road for its first U.S. theatrical tour. From Las Vegas, to Chicago, to New York City and Broadway, this unique experience is a form of entertainment like nothing else; guaranteed to be an outing you will never forget.  BLUE MAN GROUP is best known for their wildly popular theatrical shows and concerts which combine comedy, music, and technology to produce a totally unique form of entertainment.  Their shows are 90 minutes with no intermission, so be sure to go to the restroom before the event starts!  Although it is impossible to describe, people of all ages agree that BLUE MAN GROUP is an intensely exciting and wildly outrageous show that leaves the entire audience in a blissful, euphoric state.  The show is a combination of comedy, rhythm, acrobatics, and technology (and paint – lots of PAINT) so it is an extremely interactive and theatrical experience. They encourage laughing, dancing, wiggling and yelling throughout the show. SO have fun!

Want more? Be sure to meet up with the Blue Men and our amazing musicians in the lobby after the show and take all the #selfies you want.

Things to NOTE!

  • The first two rows of the theatre are a SPLASH ZONE.
  • Performance includes strobe lights and percussive music.
  • Contact our Group Sales department for information on discounts for groups of 10 or more.
  • Check out the official website for the Blue Man Group here!

Blue Man Group Event Dates:

  • Sat, Dec. 26, 12:00 pm
  • Sat, Dec. 26, 4:00 pm
  • Sat, Dec. 26, 8:00 pm
  • Sun, Dec. 27, 1:00 pm
  • Sun, Dec. 27, 5:00 pm

Get to know the BLUE MAN GROUP: Prepare your kids for the fun by watching these videos:

Here’s a wrap-up of tips for taking the kids to the Blue Man Group, from their Family Ambassador, Destiny.

See you there!

IMG_7952 Keeping the kids entertained so they would get their wiggles out before the show. 

IMG_7957  The Booster Seats that the Long Center offers for their young patrons. 

Our Experience!

We were able to see the first show of The Blue Man Group at the Long Center today at noon and it was quite the event! Whew! That was an awesome show. They do not allow pictures during the show, or I’d share but I promise you it was well worth it.  It was definitely a great show to see with the whole family and here are my tips for taking little kids. 

  1. Noise canceling headphones for little kids and earplugs for older kids work great.  We used a pair of Baby Banz earBanZ Kids Hearing Protection (which was Brooke’s pair from when she was little) for Brie and earplugs for Brooke.  The noise level gets LOUD, so it’s important to protect kid’s hearing, and the kids were awesome throughout the crazy and booming performance. 
  2. Let your kids get their wiggles out.  Get there right before the performance and don’t go to your seats until right before it starts.  It’s assigned seating, so it’s no big deal.  We also had a bathroom break (The Long Center has family bathrooms) before we went in and we were able to sit through the entire performance (that has NO intermission) with no problem.
  3. Get booster chairs that they offer for your kids so they can see.  We made sure to get ours before we entered the seating area for both Brooke and Brie.
  4. Bring a thermos of water.  Your kids will get thirsty…and so will you!

The show is high energy with lots of loud sounds and strobe lights, so if your kids aren’t into that sort of thing, I wouldn’t force them to go.  But, for families like ours who have done lots of big entertainment events, it was a blast and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  There are several more performances today and tomorrow, so get out there and enjoy the show.  Oh, and they DO pick out members of the audience for participation – so fair warning!

IMG_7961  Our seats in the theater.

IMG_7965  Leaving the performance!  Brooke picked up some string that was thrown into the audience!  Ha. 

About Austin’s Long Center:  The Long Center is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit dedicated to broadening the appreciation and enhancing the enjoyment of the cultural arts.

The Blue Man Group Performs at Austin’s the Long Center REVIEW! Get your Tickets Today (Local Austin, TX)

List Price: Tickets start at $ 33.00

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