Cambria High Back Booster (Ages 4+)

Cabria Booster

Cambria High Back Booster (Ages 4+)

Safety In Style!

Last March, I wrote on my blog about a serious car accident my husband and our two girls were in where a car t-boned our Subaru and it flipped on its side and back on it’s wheels.  Yes, it really happened and you can see the pictures and read all about it in my earlier blog post here.  My oldest daughter, Brooke, was safe from severe injury and (heaven-forbid) death due to her Diono five-point harness car seat.  She is still in a Diono five-point harness seat even though she is getting close to six.  I KNOW it’s almost time and she’s been ready for a booster and meets all the age and weight requirements, but as you can imagine, we have been negatively impacted by the car wreck experience and have been hesitant to make the switch.  Her drop-offs to school are more difficult since she is buckled in so much and she is unable to get her belts off by herself so I have to go and unbuckle her every time as her other classmates can easily get out when their car is stopped.  I realize that my over-protectiveness, which possibly justified, couldn’t last forever and since I trust Diono for her, I started to look at the booster seats they had available.  I was excited about the Cambria Booster and I am so happy to report that the timing couldn’t come at a better time.

Girls Car Accident  The inside of our Subaru after the accident.  Notice the side airbag deployments and our freaked out, yet unharmed, kids. My oldest daughter, Brooke, was in a Sunshine Kids (now called Diono) five-point harness seat.  

The Cambria High Back booster seat is durable and high quality and suitable for children from approximately 4-12 years. It features the largest interior dimensions to provide optimum space for a growing child.  It has a rigid and strong design and the extra deep side wings are lined with energy absorbing EPE foam provide superior protection in the event of a side collision, like the one our car sustained in March.  The shaped and contoured seat ensures the correct seating position and makes for a comfortable ride. The two recline angles allow the Cambria to be fitted closely to the seat while the LATCH connectors keep it securely in position when not occupied.  There is an extendable 6 position headrest which operates easily with one hand ensures the seat grows with your child. Although this is not as important for an older child as a younger one, the wipeable fabrics on the seat are also removable and has a washable cover, so it’s easy to keep clean.  We love the two extra-deep cup holders and snack trays which fold away when not in use – perfect for our commutes.  Overall, we are happy and comfortable with our booster seat choice and feel that Brooke will be protected.  We couldn’t keep her in a five-point harness forever although there is a peace of mind to having a child in one until age seven.  Remember, it is recommended that kids stay in a booster until age 12, so buying one that is high quality and lasts is extremely important.  Be safe my readers and read up on your car seat recommendations and is a great website to start.

Also Please…

  1. Read up and take your time picking out a safe car seat for your child. is a great website to use.
  2. Go have your car seat checked to make sure it is properly strapped in.  No excuses!  Places do this for FREE.  Here is the website to locate a place who will check it for you!
  3. Always strap your kids in their car seats correctly.  Each and every time.  There is no excuse to hurry.

Cambria High Back booster Key Features!

  • Fits children 40 lb to 120 lb and 38″ to 63″ in height
  • Complete side impact protection with deep headrest and full body sidewalls lined with energy absorbing EPE foam
  • Double-wall construction for increased strength and improved side impact performance
  • Easy one-hand height adjustment, up to 6 positions
  • 2-in-1 booster seat: can also be used as a backless booster. (Yes!  This will be great when we are ready to make that switch!)

Cambria High Back booster Additional Features:

  • LATCH system for secure installation (LATCH use is optional, but one I will be using)
  • Ergonomically contoured seat prevents submarining and extra padding adds comfort
  • Spacious design with plenty of room for shoulders, hips and legs
  • Removable cover for easy cleaning. Machine wash in gentle cycle and dry
  • 2 recline positions for comfort and to fit all vehicle seat shapes
  • Two retractable cup snack holders
  • Packs flat for travel and storage
  • 1 year warranty

Check it out!  Here is a video of the Diono Booster in action!

Did I mention the price?  Oh yeah!  Great deal!

Psst!  For those children’s product reviewers ‘in the know’ Sunshine Kids is NOW Diono!

Cambria High Back Booster (Ages 4+)

List Price: $ 89.99 (FREE SHIPPING in CONUS)


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