While You Grow Messages for you Journal


While You Grow Messages for you Journal

Share the things that really matter with Journals Of A Lifetime.
Made with love, from you to me.

Two years ago, my mom and I collaborated on a journal about our lives that has become a very special keepsake for me.  Since then, I’ve started several journal projects including a question a day journal with my oldest daughter Brooke.  I love her answers and she looks forward to me asking her question every night at the dinner table.  What I haven’t done so well on is putting together messages for my daughters as they grow.  Things that are happening in real time come so quickly that I barely have a chance to reflect on them until I write about it on this blog.  I started looking for a journal that I could keep and pass down to my girls on things I am going through and learning as I try and raise them the best way that I can.  I found that in a beautiful journal called Messages for you … While You Grow.

Messages for you … While You Grow contains 16 beautifully hand-illustrated pocket envelopes for keeping messages, letters, cards, momentos and keepsakes together.  The envelopes in this journal contain envelopes ready to be filled with heartfelt messages or letters for a loved one, all bound together in one beautiful book with high quality note paper with additional designs available for e-mail or print.  Click here to see more of the extra sheets you can download!The outside of each envelope is illustrated front and back and the inside is colored to match the illustrations and you can place each thoughtful message in a pocket envelope along with other memorabilia and photographs to create a precious gift to be shared and treasured.

What I really love about this journal is how you can really personalize it in a fun and unique way.  There are delightful stamps and there is a message that has been carefully placed on the front of each envelope to convey how special the messages are.  You can create this journal for any child in your life; for your growing bump, your child, grandchild, godchild, niece, nephew or any precious child.  The journal includes 12 charming front cover stickers to help you make the keepsake more personal and inside each envelope is a beautiful sheet of high quality notepaper, ready for those who care to capture that special message.  I’ve started the process of putting this journal together and I imagine how my daughters will be able to look back and reflect on the time when I was younger and raising them and give them some insight to things that they wouldn’t or couldn’t understand while it was happening.  Being a parent can be a challenging task but it usually comes with the best intentions.  My wish for my children is that they will know and understand that I am human and I am doing the best job that I can because I think they are two very special people – and I look forward to watching them grow.

Check it out!  This journal is also available in two other designs On Your Special Day or While You’re Away

While You Grow Messages for you Journal


List Price: $ 29.95


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