Ella and Penguin Stick Together (Hardcover)


Ella and Penguin Stick Together (Hardcover)

Sometimes all you need is a good friend to help you be brave.

Ella has a surprise for Penguin—glow-in-the-dark stickers! But in order to see the stickers glow, Ella and Penguin must be in the dark. And Penguin is AFRAID of the dark.  They try different strategies to get the stickers to glow without being in darkness, but to no avail. Soon Ella and Penguin find out that if they stick together, they can face anything.  Ella’s brave and selfless ability to coax Penguin into a dark closest (holding hands so he wouldn’t be afraid) is both heartwarming and fun to read.  Soon Ella and Penguin find out that if they stick together, they can face anything.  As Ella and Penguin bravely enter the closet to see their glow-in-the dark stars, the small room because brightly illuminated with beautiful bright lights.   The friends even decide to play and spend more time in their magical glow in the dark closet with Penguin unafraid of this positively glowing adventure.  Megan Maynor’s sweet and lively text, paired with Rosalinde Bonnet’s irresistible illustrations, will have readers clamoring for more Ella and Penguin.

About the Author:  Megan Maynor used to have a huge sticker collection. Huge! Her favorites were scratch ‘n’ sniff pizza and scratch ‘n’ sniff pickle—until she discovered glow-in-the-dark stars. She lives in her beloved home state of Minnesota with her husband and three children, where she is a solid blue-square skier, warm-weather-only camper, and, of course, big-time reader. This is her first picture book.

About the Illustrator:  Rosalinde Bonnet loved to draw when she was little. She would often get into trouble in school because she doodled all over her notebooks during class. After high school she studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Since her graduation in 2004, she has written and/or illustrated numerous children’s books, mainly published in France and England. She lives in Versailles, France.

Ella and Penguin Stick Together (Hardcover)


List Price: $17.99 (Currently on sale at Amazon.com for $13.76)

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