Mr. Goat’s Valentine (Hardcover)

Mr Goat

Mr. Goat’s Valentine (Hardcover)

Mr. Goats set out in search of very special gifts for his loved one for Valentine’s Day.

Mr. Goat is shocked to learn that it’s Valentine’s Day according to his morning paper!  Uh-oh!  Mr. Goat has forgotten about this special day but decides to venture out to find the perfect gifts for the person he loves.  But what is a perfect gift for a goat to give his love?  Perhaps a delightful rotten egg (yum! Yum! says Goat) or perhaps wonderful ragweed that goats love oh so much!  While this is a sweet book about Mr. Goats *ahem* rather nontraditional selections, it’s a heartwarming tale where, in the end, goat serenades his love with song and with his gifts – to his MOTHER!  Be still my heart.  For all moms out there who are anticipating getting sweet little gifts from their children on V-Day, we know it doesn’t really matter the quality of the gift we get from our littles, it’s the effort and sweetness that goes into making these gifts that make this day all the more special.  Adorable!

About Sleeping Bear Press:  Sleeping Bear Press is a small publisher based in Chelsea, Michigan.  Sleeping Bear Press is fittingly titled after their first published children’s title in 1998 called The Legend of Sleeping Bear about a mother bear’s dedication to her baby cubs.  They are best known for their Discover America series which is also available in e-book here on their website.

Mr. Goat’s Valentine (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 16.99

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