Over on the Farm (Paperback)


Over on the Farm (Paperback)

Childrens Nature Book Publisher

Available for Pre-Order.  Book will release on March 1, 2016.

There is a big reason I gravitate to Dawn Publications.  Their children’s books are all about nature and since I grew up in a place some people would call ‘the middle of nowhere’ and my kids are Austinites, I want to give them a taste and a feel of living outside.  Sure, we go on hikes and spend a lot of time outdoors, but it is quite a different environment living in an urban city as opposed to having a forest as your backyard.  Of course there are many advantages that my children have living in Austin that I didn’t as a kid, but I also like to think that growing up in SE Ohio Appalachia also gave me this wonderful ability to be still and feel one with the world.  Some of my favorite childhood memories involve hanging out at my great-grandma’s farm or going with my dad to pick wild raspberries and mushrooms on his parent’s property.  You do have a sense of being completely unplugged and in those days we didn’t have cell phones or laptops tethered to our bodies so you could very much feel that you were in a place where you could easily fall off the grid.  I still get that same beautiful sensation just typing these words and you may now understand why I love reading the newest children’s book by Dawn called Over on the Farm to my girls.

Over on the Farm is a children’s counting book that features animals on a farm with their young.  The illustrations by Cathy Morrison, who also illustrated another Dawn book we love, The Prairie That Nature Built, are gorgeous and look quite lifelike.  You actually feel like you can touch the blades of grass or touch a little kitten between the pages.  The beautiful words are meant to be sung (look for the fun instructions in the back of the book) and their is a guide on how to do different movements for each animal as you read.  As always, the learning materials at the back of the book are almost as great as reading a Dawn book!  There is material to discuss the different seasons on a farm, more about each animal discussed in the book, as well as different projects to do in areas like math, art, and science to help facilitate learning.  I was very impressed with this book and my kiddos are excited about our next big trip to Ohio because they want to experience some life on the farm for themselves.  Yay!

Parents and Teachers: There are additional resources online, including lesson plans and free downloadable bookmarks. Go to www.dawnpub.com and click on “Activities,” or scan the code on the book.

Help for Classrooms!  Dawn Publications gives away a classroom set of books each month just by entering the Mystery Contest at www.insideoutsidenature.com. They post the contest and activities from the blog on the Dawn Facebook page every Monday.  Don’t forget to like them on Facebook to keep up with their events!

About the Author:  Marianne Berkes spent much of her life as an early childhood educator, children’s theater director, and children’s librarian.  She is the award-winning author of over 20 “interactive” picture books that make learning fun. Her books, inspired by her love of nature, open kid’s eyes to the magic found in our natural world. Ever since she wrote “Over in the Ocean”, teachers and students have suggested she write “Over on the Farm.”  But she was busy researching for her other “Over” habitat books, including Rainforest, Arctic, Australia, Forest, River, Mountain, and finally Grasslands, due out in Fall, 2016. Now that her “Over” habitat books are complete, “Over on the Farm,” can become a reality. Marianne hopes young children will want to read it again and again, each time learning something new and exciting.   Her web site is www.MarianneBerkes.com.

About the Illustrator:  Cathy Morrison is an award-winning illustrator who lives in Colorado, within view of both the Great Plains and the Rocky Mountains. She watches the plants, the animals, and rain—all close up and personal. She began her career in animation and graphic design, but discovered her passion for children’s book illustration while raising her two children. After several years illustrating with traditional media, she now works digitally, which helps the publisher adapt the art into interactive book apps. This is Cathy’s third book for Dawn Publications.

Over on the Farm (Paperback)


List Price: $ 8.95

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