Hi-Ho! Cherry-O® Game by Winning Moves


Hi-Ho! Cherry-O® Game by Winning Moves

A classic child’s counting game for over 50 years!

I think my exact words when I saw that Winning Moves was selling the game Hi-Ho! Cherry-O was, “OMG, You can BUY Hi-Ho! Cherry-O again, Bob!”  Bob, my husband, was like, “What are you talking about?”  Ha.  He had never heard of one of my favorite games as a child.  We played the heck out of that game in my house when I was little.  We were a competitive game family and since we lived in a tiny village in Appalachia which had little in the way of family entertainment, we spent a lot of time outside or indoors playing games.  Hi-Ho! Cherry-O has actually been a children’s game for over 50 years, so bringing back this classic game means a lot to those of us who remember and loved playing.  To be able to share this delicious game with my girls was OH SO EXCITING!

Hi-Ho! Cherry-O is a simple mathematical skills game of adding and subtracting little plastic cherry pieces from your ‘tree’ on the game board into your own little plastic bucket.  You use a spinner that has different illustrations on which you can land to either add or subtract the cherries from your bucket.  The highest you have to count or subtract is to four, so this game is perfect for ages three and up and you can have between two to four players.  This new release looks almost exactly how I remember the game (Yay!) and it’s still as fun as ever.  There is something about playing with mini plastic fruit that is fun and enjoyable and Brooke and even Brie were into playing it right away.  Please keep these classic game coming Winning Moves!  Maybe the Rings on your Fingers Board Game next?  Ha.  Until then, Hi-Ho and away we go!

Hi-Ho! Cherry-O® Contents:

  • 1 plastic gameboard with 4 trees and buckets
  • 44 plastic cherries (40 for gameplay, 4 extras)
  • Fully assembled spinner
  • Illustrated instructions

Check it out!  Here is a demo on how to play Hi-Ho! Cherry-O!

Hi-Ho! Cherry-O® Game by Winning Moves


List Price: $ 13.95

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