Dr. O’Neil’s IMMUNO Gum for Kids


Dr. O’Neil’s IMMUNO Gum for Kids

IMMUNO GUM® is the first product designed to bring you 6 key ingredients to support the immune system in a gum.

Holy cow!  Can I go back in time and tell all the teacher’s that told us kids to spit out our gum in class that they were wrong?  No?  Oh well.  It’s a lovely thought anyway.  If you can believe it, an Emergency Room Doctor has created a gum to boost your immune system.  That’s right.  A chewing gum that is packed with six key ingredients to support your immune system in a delicious bubble gum.  Ingredients include zinc, vitamin C, Elderberry, Siberian Ginseng, Astragalus and Echinacia and are available in four yummy flavors of cool mint, fresh spearmint, bubble gum and juicy orange.  The gum is refreshing with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives and makes the mouth feel clean as well as giving extra immune support when needed.  Talk about a nice convenient way to get your daily boost!

Austinites!  Find Dr. O’Neil’s IMMUNO Gum for Kids at your local Vitamin World store.

Dr. O’Neil’s IMMUNO Gum for Kids


List Price: $ 8.99 per box


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