The ABCs of ATX (Hardcover) (Local Austin, TX)


The ABCs of ATX (Hardcover)

To all tiny Austinites learning their letters,
Here’s hoping this book makes the process much better.

I was first intrigued by the children’s book called The ABCs of ATX when I saw and picked up a copy of the book at the Blanton Museum of Art in their awesome gift shop.  Our family frequents the museum for a very cool reason; my husband works at UT so we are able to get into the museum for FREE!  Talk about an awesome perk.  I didn’t expect to see a children’s book in the gift shop, but there it was in all its glory.  I picked up the book, leafed through the pages and thought, “Now this is an awesome book for my family.  The ABCs of ATX is more than an alphabet book—it’s an insider’s guide to Austin, TX. Made for kids & parents alike, with colorful, hand-drawn illustrations and lots of inside jokes.

A few weeks later, I was in touch with Kelly, the former Austinite who now lives in Colorado, and she was more than happy to do a book reading at my daughter’s elementary school this year.  I am honored that Brooke and her classmates get such a wonderful opportunity to meet an author and hear her book from her own words.  Her thoughtfulness and excitement about her Austin-esque book  rubbed off on me and the kindergarten elementary school teachers and students who are looking forward to her arrive.  Who doesn’t like to read a book based on their hometown?  Each letter of the alphabet in her book talk about current and weird opportunities and places that Austin has to offer from the Wildflower Center, Barton Creek, the hilarious mispronunciations (to our outsiders, of course) from Guadalupe to Manchaca.  Parents and kids will nod their head in excitement and amusement throughout this creative book.

BookPeople did a special launch of the book in October and the amazing radio show Spare the Rock did a fun interview on coverage of the book here.  The book is Austin-focused, has 56 pages with full color illustrations and is in hardcover with laminate for durability.  While you can purchase the book directly through the Triple Dog Press online, there are many local shop around Austin where you can pick up your copy.  You won’t be disappointed and your little Austinites can take pride in the fact that Austin has at least 36 cool things about them that are lovingly demonstrated throughout Kelly’s book.  Highly recommended to any Austin family’s who want to pass down the traditions of our fantastic city.  Yay!

Hey, Austinites!

  • If you love to hold a book in your hands before you buy.
  • If you love browsing well-curated collections.
  • If you love leaving your house.

Check out the following local stores! They all carry The ABCs of ATX, along with other, amazing items:

Austin Rocks
Blanton Museum of Art Gift Shop
Book People
Mockingbird Domestics
Picket Fences
The Store at LBJ
Swank Baby Boutique
Toy Joy
Wild About Music

About Author Kelly Sharp:  Kelly was raised in Texas and trained in New York City. Kelly grew up in Texas, attended Southwestern University, and calls Austin home. She writes short stories, short films, and other fun projects. She loves working with Joy + Noelle the most.  Now she lives in Colorado. She loves travel, tacos, hiking, lists, notebooks (for lists), bicycles, rivers, semicolons, and boots. She can also fly planes and speak Spanish.  Read more about Kelly and her endeavors at her website at

The ABCs of ATX (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 17.59

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