Game-based Matific Makes Learning Math Fun


Game-based Matific Makes Learning Math Fun

Making immersive math learning apps available to children, world-wide

Hundreds of Math activities for grades K – 6

I admit I was a little thrown off when during Brooke’s few first weeks of kindergarten she was being tested on addition and subtraction.  She already excels at numbers so it wasn’t a complete stretch for her to do basic arithmetic and subtraction, but nonetheless, I wanted to help her in her learning process by adding a few FUN activities for math at home. I was excited for Brooke to start learning and exploring Matific’s great online games, or as they call them ‘episodes.’ Each episode is broken down by grade level and learning categories (for Kindergarten the categories are Whole Numbers, Arithmetic Operations, Measurements, Geometry, Data Analysis and Brain Teasers).  The episodes engage children and encourage them to learn mathematical skills and scientific thinking through trial and error, all while avoiding the dreaded math anxiety.

Brooke and I signed up under the “Parents Option” for a full year of the program and it include math games, worksheets, episodes (or webisodes, really) and we are using the Kindergarten curriculum exclusively.  The Matifc educational apps include math games for grades K-6 that are mapped to the Common Core and aligned with the most popular text books.  The episodes are fun and engaging and the math is more like games instead of dry boring text material.  She immediately took to enjoying the program and love being able to complete each episode and worksheet.  The hundreds of math activities that Matific has is broken down by grade level from K-6 grade so it is extremely easy to maneuver.  My daughter loves the Arithmetic Operations on the Matific math games, especially when it has to do with FOOD!  Ahhhh, straight from her parent’s hearts.  She likes the Snack Time addition and subtraction games and gets so excited when she gets the answer correct.  Math is ALL about practice and Matific makes Brooke excited to learn and play; which is this parent’s dream.

Math  Complete the number sentence: ___ Cherries + ____ Kiwis = ____

Matific is available on iPad or Android devices, and it can be used on a PC or Mac computer. You can pay by the month or you can purchase a 3 month, 6 month or annual subscriptions for $18, $30, or $36 respectively.  What a wonderful gift for any child!

Connect with Matific!  You can connect with matific on Facebook, and follow on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest!

Calling all Teachers K-6!  Matific allows teachers from K-6 grade to sign up for their online math program for FREE.  *Gasp*  Check it out!

Game-based Matific Makes Learning Math Fun

List Price: Memberships starting at $3.00 a month (Also available in subscriptions!)

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