Match It! Listen & Play At Home Bingo Game (Ages 3+)

Match Bingo

Match It! Listen & Play At Home Bingo Game (Ages 3+)

The Learning Journey.  High Quality Award Winning Educational Products for Children!

So if you have been keeping up with the Momma Bacon’s family, you will know that my oldest daughter is learning to read.  She’s getting very good at it!  I think it is wonderful to supplement her learning at home with additional learning activities to help her on her road to literacy and I found the perfect game by The Learning Journey called Match It! Listen & Play At Home Bingo for that reason.

Match It! Listen & Play At Home Bingo is perfect for young readers and is designed to assist young children with sound, object and word recognition.  It’s a fun game where you have an Electronic Sound button where you hear a sound that must be identified on the corresponding picture card. By hearing and matching the images, words and sounds with the electronic button, it is a wonderful way to teach new words in a fun and easy way.  The game is designed for two to four players and is recommended for ages 3 and up (although we did include our 2-year old, which was really fun!). Most of the sounds were familiar to the girls; the doorbell, the vacuum cleaner, the mower, and even a tea kettle (which I did have to explain since we have a hot water nozzle in our house and do not use a tea kettle)!  Since our kindergartner is getting really good at sounding out words, we were able to use the word cards for matching.  So while our youngest could try and match objects by sight and sound, Brooke was trying to match the sounds with the words.  Very cool.  I definitely recommend this game for beginning readers and it’s a wonderful family game to incorporate reading activities at home.

The game includes an electronic sound making button, 4 double sided game boards, 36 picture word cards and suggestions for various ways to play the game, so it was great to incorporate both kids in playing together.  Not only will this provide your family hours of interactive learning fun, it is quite durable and I can see it lasting for many years.

About The Learning Journey:  The Learning Journey is a Phoenix, Arizona company that has been designing and manufacturing an exclusive line of award-winning children’s interactive educational products.  The products they design encourage learning and developing confidence to enhance a child’s potential.  Their products build on the skills necessary for children to be prepared for school and beyond.

Match It! Listen & Play At Home Bingo Game (Ages 3+)

List Price:  $ 14.99


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