Little Houses: A Counting Book (Hardcover)


Little Houses: A Counting Book (Hardcover)

Learn to count from one to ten with little houses around the world!


Our toddler has learned to count from one to ten.  It’s so cute.  She sometimes skips the number four as if somehow it is not as important as the other nine, but we have been working on that!  Counting is a wonderful milestone for kids and counting books are wonderful ways to visually show children that numbers equate to objects.  Two is more than one and seven is less than eight.  This comes to be very important to toddlers who are always on the lookout to make sure things are divided equally……at least it is in our house with two little siblings!

The visually stunning book called Little Houses, is a counting book from one to ten with little houses around the world!  Visit a variety of charming little houses around the world; from one Scottish crofter’s cottage to ten terraced houses beside a canal in Amsterdam.  Each page was painstakingly created by talented papercut artist Helen Musselwhite, with beautiful details in every scene to spot and count together. Bonus!  Each page includes fun facts about each type of house for extra spotting fun.  Brilliant addition to any young child’s library.


About the Author:  Helen Musselwhite works with paper to create magical illustrated models and sets. Cutting by hand, she uses colored and painted paper to build detailed and multi-layered scenes inspired by the natural world and its inhabitants. Her clients include brands such as Audi, McDonalds, Cadburys and Nokia, as well as numerous publications. She works from a home studio near Manchester accompanied by her trusty assistant, a dog called Earl.
About Laurence King Publishing:  Established in London in 1991, Laurence King Publishing is now recognised as one of the world’s leading publishers of books on the creative arts. Their books are acclaimed for their inventiveness, beautiful design and authoritative texts, as well as the care taken over their production.  With approximately 40 staff members, they are based in Islington in London.

Little Houses: A Counting Book (Hardcover)

List Price: $ 15.95

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