NEW! It’s Fancy To Be Me! Personalized Book by I See Me!


NEW! It’s Fancy To Be Me! Personalized Book by I See Me!

Celebrating the uniqueness of each child! The goal of our books is to show each child how absolutely unique and special he or she is.

My oldest daughter, Brooke, is wild about the character called Fancy Nancy.  If you have never read the children’s books, they are all about a little girl name Nancy who loves to dress up, use BIG words, and wants everything to be FANCY.  So, of course, my daughter is smitten with the character and the books.  When I saw the I See Me!’s latest personalized book about dedicating a book to your child on being FANCY, I thought, “This was made for Brooke!”  She is a huge reader and to step inside her very own Fancy Nancy book is amazing.

image1  Brooke is Fancy Nancy!

To make the words and illustrations match your child, you fill out the below information on the I See Me website.  In It’s Fancy to Be Me, your child goes jet setting from Milan to Russia and gets dressed up to the nines at every location.  How fashionable to be able to travel around the world in style.  The book is personalized with your child’s name on the cover and throughout the text and illustrations, and the character is customized with your child’s hair color and skin tone. You can even upload a high resolution picture of your child that can be included on the dedication page.


Info to Personalize for It’s Fancy To Be Me!:

  1. Child’s First Name:
  2. Middle Name:
  3. Last Name:
  4. Child’s Date of Birth:
  5. Child’s Gender:
  6. Hair Color:
  7. Skin Tone:
  8. Dedication:
  9. Giver:
  10. Mailing Address:

Fancy3  Your little girl goes on a worldwide trip to see different countries, and she wears fancy clothes from each culture along the way. At the end, she realizes that the fanciest thing of all is to be herself!

This has quickly become Brooke’s favorite book and, since she is a beginning reader, she is able to read it to us herself.  I am pretty sure I have the entire book memorized by now!  That’s the beauty of I See Me! books and why we keep coming back for more; they become part of a child’s special book collection and it creates a love of reading that is hard to match.  It sure is Fancy to be Brooke and I am proud of her and her growing ability to read.


Interested in discounts and new product information?  Fill out their e-mail updates page here for discount codes and a WHOLE LOT MORE.  Fun!

Wow!  Their website offers many fun personalized products including a coordinating place mat for the book.  Here’s the link to all the related items on the site.

NEW! It’s Fancy To Be Me! Personalized Book by I See Me!

List Price: $ 34.99 (Hardcover)

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