Piglet Bo Is Not Scared! (Hardcover)

Piglet Bo

Piglet Bo Is Not Scared! (Hardcover)

Piglet Bo insists that he is not scared. Not scared of anything and not scared of anyone. And if you think he seems scared, well, you’re misunderstanding the situation.

As a follow-up to Piglet Bo Can Do Anything!, Piglet Bo Is Not Scared! continues the story line for the pig that won’t let anything get in his way.  Or will he?  Piglet Bo isn’t scared to go into a dark cave, he just insists he doesn’t want to disturb the bats.  Piglet Bo isn’t scared to go into a pit, he just doesn’t want to disturb a termite party.  Piglet Bo has lots of excuses for not doing something, and it’s certainly not because HE IS SCARED.  Right?!?

This playful book by Geert De Kockere perfectly captures the tale of a small piglet who does not want to admit he is frightened of things.  While this is a whimsical story about Piglet Bo, it will certainly hit home for children who may have certain fears of their own they might not be comfortable to admit.  I like the message of how it’s okay to be scared and it’s perfectly normal and even healthy to have fears that you can talk about to others.  Who knows, you may overcome them once you understand the reason why.  Our family really enjoyed the continuation of Piglet Bo and his adventures and we look forward to many Piglet Bo stories in the future.

About the Author:  Geert De Kockere studied to become a teacher but instead became a professional journalist, working for the Flemish newspaper De Standaard (The Standard). Currently he is the editor of Buitenbeen, a nature magazine for Flanders and the Netherlands. He has written many children’s books, including several collections of poems, and has won a variety of book prizes for his work. He lives in Kempen, Belgium.

About the illustrator:  Tineke Van Hemeldonck studied graphic design, specializing in illustration, at Provinciale Hogeschool Limburg in Hasselt. She has done all kinds of graphic design work and has illustrated several children’s books. She currently resides in Bunsbeek, Belgium.

Piglet Bo Is Not Scared! (Hardcover)


List Price: $ 16.99 (Currently on sale at Amazon.com for $14.57)

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